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Unleashing the Power of IT Workflow Automation

You don’t need to be a large organization to face big challenges around making sure your “joiners, movers, and leavers” have the right access to the right applications at the right time. However, automating complex, multi-step workflows across different systems and applications can be challenging as your business grows, especially when multiple departments are involved.

Watch Ariel Zommer, Senior Product Marketing Manager at OneLogin, and Oscar Rodriguez, Director of Professional Services, discuss how to quickly deploy complex IT workflows across your on-prem and cloud apps to improve operational efficiency, increase user productivity, and reduce risk.

This webinar will cover:

  • Typical challenges of managing IT workflows across systems and applications
  • A “low-code/no-code” approach to automating IT workflows
  • Top benefits realized after deploying workflow automation
  • Best practices for implementing robust workflows in a complex IT environment

Presenters include:

OneLogin Webinar host

Ariel Zommer

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, OneLogin

OneLogin Webinar guest

Oscar Rodriguez

Director, Professional Services, OneLogin