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The Emergence of Unified Access Management


Today, the vast majority of organizations struggle to manage complex app environments made of a growing portfolio of SaaS apps as well as commercial and custom web apps hosted on-premises, at remote data centers, and in private clouds. Companies are further challenged to manage access to applications, networks, and devices for users stored in disparate directories.

Conventional Identity and Access Management tools force organizations to manage access to these distinct environments, networks, and devices separately, leading to a fragmented approach that is plagued with complexity, inefficiency, redundancy, and high cost.

A new era has arrived. The cloud-based OneLogin Unified Access Management Platform unifies access to both SaaS and on-premises apps, as well as a wide range of networks and devices. OneLogin makes it simpler and safer for everyone to access the apps and data they need, anytime and everywhere.

Watch 451 Research’s Sr. Analyst Garrett Bekker, OneLogin’s Chief Marketing Officer Miles Kelly and Director of Product Gary Gwin speak about:

  • The challenges of hybrid IT in the modern era
  • How Unified Access Management emerged to help enterprises provide their employees, partners and customers access all of their applications
  • The benefits of OneLogin’s new product, OneLogin Access, for managing on-premise and cloud apps from a single platform - designed to help you escape legacy WAM hell
Presenters include:

Garrett Bekker
Sr. Analyst, Information Security, 451 Research

Miles Kelly
Chief Marketing Officer, OneLogin

Gary Gwin
Director of Product,  OneLogin