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Benefits of Identity Automation

Security automation, one of the hottest topics in cybersecurity today, is changing the security threat landscape. By employing AI and automation together, organizations can be more efficient while still improving their security posture.

The benefits of having always-on AI technology in preventing and remediating breaches faster are indisputable.

 OneLogin’s cybersecurity and technical experts, Stuart Sharp and Niamh Muldoon, discuss the security benefits of automation for protecting your organization.

What you’ll learn:

  • How automation tools can significantly reduce recovery costs if a cybersecurity incident occurs
  • How you can reduce IT helpdesk tickets by up to 80% with automated security
  • How AI and automation can lessen the IT skills shortage
  • How AI and machine learning can analyze user activity, calculate risk, and determine appropriate security actions

Presenters include:

OneLogin webinar presenter

Stuart Sharp

Vice President of Technical Services, OneLogin

Security presenter

Niamh Muldoon

Global Data Protection Office, OneLogin