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How to Reduce Data Breaches with Cloud-Authenticated Laptops


Your company may be overlooking a big security gap. Despite the rapid adoption of SaaS or web applications by enterprises, many of them still rely on on-premises Active Directory (AD) to manage password policies and authenticate laptops.

This approach worked in 2000 when every employee used a PC behind a firewall. Fast forward 17 years later, corporate laptops are used remotely and Macs and a flexible workforce of contractors are becoming common. Many of these laptops are excluded from corporate security policies password requirements. Once stolen or compromised, this leaves companies with widespread security gaps waiting to be exploited.

Join OneLogin’s Al Sargent and guest speaker Forrester’s Senior Analyst, Merritt Maxim, as we discuss:

  • Today’s widespread security gaps and their economic impacts
  • A new approach to Identity and Access Management to manage security issues
  • Hardening enterprise’s endpoints while moving to the cloud, without disrupting existing identity architectures
Presenters include:

Al Sargent
Sr. Product Marketing Director, OneLogin

Maxim Merritt
Senior Forrester Analyst, Forrester