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How to Enable Secure Access to All Cloud Apps with DNS Visibility and Single Sign On


Companies are moving to the cloud to compete more effectively and employees are using an increasing number of SaaS cloud applications. Unfortunately, these apps come with hidden risks and vulnerabilities when IT is not involved in securing and managing them. This issue is known as Shadow IT.

The good news is that, as serious as the Shadow IT is, it’s a solvable problem. By joining this webinar, you will learn:

Measure the scope and risk of the Shadow IT within your business
Gain back full control of your cybersecurity
Bring visibility into corporate cloud application usage
Get data driven recommendations no matter if your IT team is big or small
Watch this on demand webinar for a live demo of Cloud Risk Assessment Tool and real customer case study.

Presenters include:

Omar Zarabi
CEO and Founder, Port53

Nathan Chan
Senior Solutions Engineer, OneLogin