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Intelligent Cloud Cybersecurity with IDaaS & CASB

Read this paper and learn how to get intelligent cloud cybersecurity with IDaas and CASB.

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With the explosion of cloud applications, often organizations are unable to effectively manage corporate security without impairing employee productivity and engaging in time-consuming IT security projects related to protecting application user identities and data.

However, there is a away. Cloud-based IAM solutions, or Identity as a Service (IDaaS) providers together can provide an intelligent cybersecurity solution that has what it takes to enable fast and secure usage of cloud applications.

Download this whitepaper that explores how…

  • Cloud App Usage Has Exploded, Delivering Both Unprecedented Gains and Risks
  • Despite Many Concerns, CIOs Continue to Heavily Invest in the Public Cloud
  • Cloud IAM Has Emerged to Protect Business Data in the Hybrid Enterprise
  • Best-in-class Cloud IAM and CASB Solutions Secure Cloud and On-prem Data in the Hybrid Enterprise
  • CASB Expands Control over AccountCompromises, Cloud-Native Malware, and Data Breaches
  • The Integration of OneLogin &CloudLock Delivers a Powerful Solution Set