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What is Web Access Management?

OneLogin Web Access Management (WAM) is a software solution that integrates with your web servers to secure access to your custom and commercial web applications. Integrate common commercial web applications such as Oracle PeopleSoft and SAP Netweaver using existing configuration templates. Integrate your custom applications with few, if any code changes. WAM performs behind-the-scenes authentication and authorization using SAML or LDAP without requiring engineering effort or custom code.

"The tight integration of OneLogin's cloud directory for SaaS apps and OneLogin WAM for our on-premises applications makes it easier for our people, enabling us to have a more efficient and effective IT department. And it does so while securing all of our apps with multi-factor authentication."


Protect Your Investment, Reduce Maintenance Costs

Legacy applications are a key part of your infrastructure but become costly to maintain over time. Integrating them with a single source of truth for authentication and access control eliminates manual updates for user access and frees up time for IT to focus on other high-value initiatives.

Improve Security

Maintaining access control manually in legacy applications creates significant gaps in your security policy and compliance. By connecting your legacy applications with OneLogin’s cloud directory, you eliminate the risk of departed employees and other unauthorized users retaining access to sensitive information. Your security policy is always accurate, and access is granted based on the user’s status and role in real time.

Make Legacy Commercial Apps Easy to Access

OneLogin WAM supports many popular commercial applications:

Make Your Custom Apps Much 
Easier to Maintain

OneLogin WAM can act as a bridge between the OneLogin directory and your custom applications by translating user information from the cloud directory into customized HTTP headers that your apps can natively understand, requiring minimal or no code changes. Need even more flexibility? WAM’s APIs extend its ability to support authentication, access control, session management, and other services even further.

One Identity Manager to Secure All Your Apps

Replace your complex, aging CA Single Sign On (SiteMinder), Oracle Access Manager (Oblix), IBM Security Access Manager (Tivoli Access Manager) or RSA Access Manager (ClearTrust) with OneLogin WAM. You’ll find WAM much simpler to maintain, and less expensive to purchase. Connect WAM to OneLogin Cloud Directory for the full set of Cloud IAM features: SSO with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Adaptive Authentication, Unified Endpoint Management, User Provisioning to SaaS applications like Salesforce and Office 365, and more. One vendor, many benefits.

Speedy Integration

Lightweight yet enterprise-scalable. No installation wizards. No hidden operating system dependencies. Unzip, add license keys, and installation is done. Our customer support will help you set up WAM for your environment using configuration templates.

Dive in to learn more

Have a legacy app or a use case you'd like to discuss? Contact us at For detailed information about OneLogin WAM, visit our support page.


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