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OneLogin now lets you manage and authenticate identities within your existing infrastructure even easier. One simple plugin. No additional code.

Melding Cloud and Legacy Solutions

What is Web Access Management?

Web Access Management (or WAM) is a software that integrates with your hybrid on-premise or legacy apps and infrastructure, e.g. existing web servers, so each app can natively refer to the authenticated user—all without requiring any additional code changes. All the SAML (or LDAP, etc.) magic happens in the WAM plugin without any software engineering effort or extra code.


Cafésoft is now part of the OneLogin family - as a leading provider of Web Access Management (WAM) software with customers such as NASA, Department of Defense, OpenText, ARM, Panda Restaurant Group and TiVo. The company’s (and now OneLogin’s) WAM solution provides the security middleware to easily integrate identity into heterogeneous web environments. To learn more about Cafésoft, visit cafesoft.com.

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