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Prevent password reuse and phishing

Password reuse is one of the top ways hackers gain access to sensitive data. Shield alerts you to password reuse and gives you a clear path to update those passwords and secure your online identity.

Shield validates each website you visit to make sure that you’re in the right place. It detects lookalike phishing websites and alerts you right on the screen, before you enter any sensitive information.

Once downloaded, Shield automatically appears in the browser’s toolbar. Shield works without ever looking at or storing your actual password and it does not use cookies, track your website usage, or utilize any other information that could be used to identify you.

Our commitment to privacy

Shield for Enterprise

Single sign-on (SSO) solutions like OneLogin can reduce or even eliminate passwords for many applications, but some applications still require passwords. Shield builds upon OneLogin’s existing threat capabilities and empowers you to improve security in all the places where you can’t eliminate passwords yet. The Shield browser extension protects individuals and enterprises from password reuse, identity reuse, weak password practices, and phishing. It works with any existing identity provider to provide three key capabilities:

Strong password enforcement

Stop Poor Password Practices

Educates users and works to prevent the high-risk practice of using identical or commonly used passwords across any website, including personal and corporate applications

Enforcing corporate-only usage

Prevent Corporate Identity Misuse

Alerts administrators when corporate accounts are used for personal applications, decreasing the attack surface for corporate account takeovers and data breaches

Phishing detection

Defend Against Phishing

Identifies and blacklists websites that have a high probability of fraud and attempt to trick users into entering their credentials

How does it work?

Shield is available to everyone as a free service. Once downloaded, Shield appears in the browser’s toolbar and starts to detect instances of weak or reused passwords or phishing attempts. Built with privacy in mind, Shield securely hashes the information it stores, and never sends it back to a server.

The enterprise-grade version offers additional functionality like forced install through G Suite, administrator alerts, the ability to suspend user accounts if malicious activity is detected, and the ability to export intelligence to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools for additional reporting, analysis, and compliance.

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Improve your online security by preventing password reuse and phishing.


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