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Customer Identity and Access Management

Cloud Directory: the heart of OneLogin Customer IAM

OneLogin’s cloud directory is a centralized identity store in the cloud. It can be a minimal directory capturing just the amount of profile data needed to authenticate the customer—or be enriched with data from different sources. Use it as the store for customer identities or synchronize with LDAP and Active Directory identity stores through our pre-built integrations.

CIAM cloud directory
OneLogin single sign-on

Single sign-on for easy and simple access

OneLogin uses the single sign-on protocols SAML and OpenID Connect to allow customers to sign into applications without using a password. Once authenticated, customers can seamlessly sign into any application that has a trust relationship with OneLogin. If your online portal consists of multiple, discrete applications, customers have a streamlined, seamless user experience.

Social sign-in

Social registration and sign-in

Passwords are just one more obstacle. Allowing customers to sign in with their social media identity removes that friction and eliminates the need for the user to create yet another password.


Federation for B2B

If your customers are other businesses, they may already have an IAM solution. Set up a trust relationship between their identity provider and OneLogin, so their users can sign in without entering a password.

Branded login page

Capitalize on your brand

Fully brand the login and registration experience. Integrate your existing login form via our REST APIs or brand our standard login page to make it your own.

Multi-factor authentication for better security

When needed, enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) for increased protection. Require customers to enter a one-time password sent via text, use the OneLogin Protect mobile app, or biometrics on their devices. Add adaptive authentication to take security to the next level by prompting customers for an additional factor when an abnormality is detected.

Secure multi-factor authentication
Developer API

APIs and toolkits

You’re unique and so are your business needs. That’s why OneLogin is built to be developer-friendly. With its rich APIs and toolkits, you can easily integrate your existing web properties with OneLogin for user synchronization, authentication, and single sign-on. We are constantly expanding the developer capabilities for our customer identity and access management system, so you can create the most compelling yet secure experiences for your customers.

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