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As your business grows, so do security challenges around supporting new users, applications, and devices–all distributed across locations you don’t control. Organizations are looking to consolidate digital identities and protect user data to keep account compromise at bay, while also provide easy application access for those who need to stay productive.
Secure and protect your internal systems and your customers’ systems with one, simple administrator interface. Streamline user management to enhance collaboration between customers and internal employees. Improve automation, strengthen customer retention, and prevent breaches, while increasing revenue and boosting productivity.

Managed services + Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Leverage multi-tenancy

Improve helpdesk productivity

Automatically provision users & apps

Protect critical applications

Eliminate dependency on AD

Improve visibility & lower compliance costs

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Cloud Directory

Desktop + Mobile SSO

Advanced Password Reset

Custom Reports

Security Policies


VPN integration

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Dozens of MSPs from the MSP 501 partner with OneLogin to protect 1,000,000+ users, 10,000s of apps, and eliminate 1,000,000+ Passwords

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See for yourself why over 5500 companies choose OneLogin for their IAM and SSO needs.

“We offer ITSM platforms to our customers, and OneLogin identity management (with user provisioning) enables us to centrally manage the user base of those platforms, while offering us the flexibility to address their unique needs. Being able to automatically provision — and deprovision — users in real time delivers the security our customers require,”

Todd Brillon | Manager of Software Engineering & Support of NTT Data

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