12.00 | Registration & Networking Lunch

13.00 | Welcome Address: Michael Hartmann, VP EMEA OneLogin

Keynote: Product Roadmap

Hear about OneLogin product developments spanning existing product lines as well as first-of-their-kind offerings designed to tap into innovations across automation, passwordless security, artificial intelligence & machine-learning, biometrics, and more.

• Move beyond passwordless
• AI and machine-learning make it possible to adapt and customize authentication flows to fit your unique business while providing leading-edge security.
• Securing Apps + Critical Data
• Protect your most valuable investments. Sensitive information is stored within your key applications. Wherever your apps live, we help you secure them.
• Quality, resilience, and performance at scale
• What’s required for Enterprise companies to confidently adopt and rapidly deploy new, cutting-edge technology.

SPEAKERS: Thomas Pedersen, Chief Technology Office and Stuart Sharp, VP Global Solution Engineering

Customer Presentation: Galileo

Galileo Global Education is a leading, international provider of higher education with an offer that spans from applied arts, fashion, design and digital/Internet to business and medicine. Learn how they leverage OneLogin to secure their 100,000 students each year, staff, and a vast alumni network across 37 schools and 40 campuses.

SPEAKER: Thomas Dechilly, Group Chief Technology Officer, Galileo Global Education

Customer Presentation: Square Enix

Square Enix - the leading video game developer, publisher, and distribution company of icons like Marvel, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy adopted OneLogin to help their global developers and studios create unforgettable experiences.

SPEAKER: Tom Urwin, Identity & Access, Administrator - Team Lead

Keynote: Iam And Security Innovation At Enterprise Scale

As businesses grow, the technology puzzle pieces multiply: more apps, users, and devices. Today’s workforce is in constant motion; the puzzle pieces are connecting from across the globe, potentially using unsecured connections, unmanaged devices, and questionable password practices. In this new world, IT and security leaders must use cutting-edge technologies to achieve security at scale while delivering a frictionless experience for all users, including full-time employees, partners, vendors, and - increasingly - customers.

SPEAKER: Brad Brooks, President & CEO

Power User Labs

Meet with OneLogin experts from our Solution Engineering and Professional Services teams to dive into one of the topics below, or choose multiple sessions to get the most out of your time

  1. APIs / Protocols old & new
    Focused on developer-centric organizations, learn how to use our REST APIs to manage apps, users, events, manage MFA, create custom login pages, generate SAML assertions, and more to create customizations in your workflow. Talk to our experts about all things protocol -- including SAML, OIDC, RADIUS, LDAP and header-based auth via OneLogin Access.

  2. Security & MFA
    From the basics of two-factor authentication to the mean streets of today’s security landscape, come for an overview of common attacks against organizations, along with a takeaway checklist of what you can do now to prevent hackers from accessing your organization’s information. We’ll cover the OneLogin features that set you up for security success.

  3. Admin at Scale
    Learn all about the new capabilities OneLogin has introduced over the last 12 months that are designed to help your organization manage access at scale. See the new admin console, delegated administration, the enterprise sandbox, and more.

  4. Directories & Provisioning
    No matter what directories you bring to OneLogin, learn to create a global view of attributes and group information that spans on-prem and cloud applications. Save time and frustration by simplifying the management of users and groups. Seamlessly incorporate partners, vendors, and customers into your hybrid environment. Optimize your current infrastructure for a hybrid and cloud world without breaking your legacy systems.

  5. End-user Experience
    Learn how OneLogin’s self-service and self-enrollment offerings reduce IT burdens when it comes to helpdesk tickets. In addition, they empower end-users by providing a seamless end-user experience.

Closing Remarks

Networking Reception