OneLogin Connect 2020 virtual conference



October 6th, 2020 | 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

OneLogin Connect 2020 Agenda

8:00 A.M. - 8:10 A.M. | Welcome to OneLogin Connect 2020 Virtual

Welcome and Introductions

OPENING REMARKS: Brad Brooks, CEO & President, OneLogin

8:10 A.M. - 8:55 A.M. | Opening keynote

Engaging the Talent of All of Us for Security and Beyond

SPEAKER: Megan Smith, CEO shift7, Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer

As the world connects in ever stronger digital ties, Megan Smith, CTO for the Obama White House, shows how diversity makes us safer and stronger by inclusion.

Our tech world rides on the shoulders of great contributors from around the world and across the spectrum of color, geography, economics and gender. Megan brings us a vision of the diversity of yesterday and how it can empower the brilliance of our tomorrow.

8:55 A.M. - 9:40 A.M. | Morning Keynote

Who’s That Knocking at My Zoom? Identity as the Last Mile

SPEAKER: Tarah Wheeler, Harvard Belfer Fellow, International Security Fellow at New America

Using illustrations from famous literature, ubiquitous cybersecurity expert Tarah Wheeler gives us deep insights, asking the questions about what it means to fake identity in remote learning and other day-to-day operations. Thinking about identity in terms of the more familiar Power of Attorney and other creative analogies, Tarah challenges us to think outside the traditional identity and authentication box.

9:40 A.M. - 10:30 A.M. | Choose Your Track

Executive Track: To Pay or Not to Pay, That is the Ransomware Question

Vanessa Pegueros, Chief Trust and Security Officer, OneLogin
Alex Rice, Co-founder & CTO, HackerOne
Errol Weiss, CSO, Health-ISAC
Mary N. Chaney, Board Member & Entrepreneur, Cybersecurity Law Firm of Texas
Laura Chang, Consultant, CKH Partners, LLC

In this Executive Panel discussion Vanessa Pegueros will discuss with her expert panelists the business impacts to organizations when hit with a ransomware attack. The decisions made during the crisis hold real business consequences on whether to pay or not to pay. Our expert panelists will share their real world experiences of consequences experienced when the business decision is made to pay and also not to pay. There are direct financial consequences when making these decisions but increasing indirect consequences are coming to light such as brand, reputational, ethical and transparency within the cybersecurity industry. This is a not to miss session!!

Workforce & Customer Identity Track: From Workforce to CIAM: Building Secure Login Experiences in a Digital World

Rich Chetwynd, Director of Product, OneLogin
James Herbert, Solution Engineer, OneLogin
Kayla Gesek, Product Manager, OneLogin

Many businesses today grasp the importance of securing access to corporate applications, especially with a growing number of remote workers. Equally important is providing seamless and secure user experiences for your customers. The catch? Digital-savvy consumers are highly resistant to painful authentication methods and lack-luster user experiences and can more easily take their business elsewhere.

In this session, learn how to build secure, tailored login experiences that help you build customer trust and loyalty, and thereby grow the business.

Security Track: Dunning-Kruger Effect in DevSecOps

SPEAKER: Amelié Koran, Senior Technology Advocate, Splunk

With the rapid pace of digital transformation it can be easy to cut corners. Just because we slap a title on a process doesn’t mean we are doing that process and doing it well. With the current rise of DevOps and DevSecOps it is easy to get caught up in the hype. Many organizations think that by throwing money and talent at the problem it can be solved in record time. However, this can be a slippery slope.

Join Amelié Koran, Senior Technology Advocate at Splunk as she discusses the state of DevSecOps and the impacts of underestimating the challenge, work required, and time-line needed to achieve results. With new and not-well understood frameworks and methodologies gaining steam, a lack of knowledge, too much self-confidence, and a dash of 'keeping up with the Joneses’ can put your DevSecOps teams and businesses at risk.

10:30 A.M. - 10:40 A.M. | Networking Break / User Lab Roundtables / Digital Expo / Meditation

Join us in the digital expo throughout the day to connect virtually with OneLogin experts, trusted solution partners, and like-minded peers.

10 Minute Morning Meditation
OneLogin manages and secures your data and applications so you can focus on more important things like mindfulness and meditation. Put your mind at ease with 10 mins of relaxing meditation.

10:40 A.M. - 11:35 A.M. | Choose Your Track

Executive Track: The Crisis of Connection: Addressing the Impact of Remote Work on Employee Connectivity and Business Results

Courtney Harrison, Chief Human Resources Officer, OneLogin
Greg Pryor, Co-Founder Connected Commons, SVP, People & Performance Evangelist, Workday
Chris Yates, Chief People Officer, Ford
Bindu Garapaty, PsyD, Co-founder and CEO, The Happy Leader
Alexa Slinger, Product Marketing Manager, OneLogin

COVID-19 and the move to remote work has forever changed the way we operate as businesses. While many businesses had already moved towards digital transformation, the pandemic has considerably accelerated this necessary outcome. However, this rapid shift has impacted how we connect as humans in the workplace and many people are struggling. Join our panel featuring Courtney Harrison, Chief People Officer at OneLogin, Greg Pryor, SVP, People and Performance Evangelist at Workday, Chris Yates, Chief People Officer at Ford, and Bindu Garapaty, PsyD to discuss how to overlay human communications with digital transformation. You will learn:

• The impacts of remote work on employee connectivity
• The role of informal networks in remote work
• Addressing mental health challenges as part of a healthy business strategy
• How empathy has a lasting impression on your employees and customers

Workforce & Customer Identity Track: What Did We Learn? Scaling On-Prem and Cloud Based Applications for Remote Work

Gary Gwin, Sr. Director of Product Management, OneLogin
Khizar Sultan, Sr. Director of Solution Engineering, OneLogin
Ariel Zommer, Product Marketing Manager, OneLogin

In March, Employees all over the world were forced to work remotely for the unforeseeable future and because so many businesses were unprepared to facilitate this change, companies were blindsided and struggling to find a solution. Even the most prepared businesses were challenged.

Because of OneLogin’s unique role in securing remote work, we got to learn from not only our own internal challenges, but the challenges our customers faced across every global industry. Join Gary Gwin, Senior Director of Product Management, and Khizar Sultan, Senior Director of Solution Engineering, for key learnings and best practices such as:

• How to build a foundation for secure remote work with Identity and Access Management
• How to ensure employees have access to both on-prem and cloud-based applications
• OneLogin's own experience going remote and our go-forward strategy The top challenges, pitfalls, and key learnings from thousands of customers

COVID-19 has changed the way we work and the need for secure remote productivity has never been greater.

Learn how to leverage OneLogin to provide seamless and secure access for your remote workforce. Learn how to secure access to your on-prem and cloud applications as well as best practices and pitfalls to be mindful of.

Security Track: OneLogin on OneLogin: How We Use Automation Internally for Instant Incident Response

SPEAKER: Matthew Petroske, Senior Incident Response Engineer, OneLogin

With an ever-increasing focus on business continuity planning and reliability, how quickly your organization responds to potential security incidents can make or break your business. At OneLogin, lightning-fast incident response is critical to not only our own business, but our customers’ businesses as well.

Join Matthew Petroske, OneLogin’s Senior Incident Response Engineer as he walks through how OneLogin uses automation internally for rapid response to reduce business impact, while providing our customers with the trusted assurance in the OneLogin response team and product offerings.

11:35 A.M. - 12:10 P.M. | General Session

OneLogin Loggie Awards

Matt Hurley, VP Global Channel, Distribution, OEM and Strategic Alliances, OneLogin.

The OneLogin Loggies Awards are making their debut this year at Connect! We are committed to recognizing the best of the best, so the Loggies annual awards will be recognizing OneLogin customers and partners who have made significant contributions and have influenced positive change in the IT industry by leveraging OneLogin. Join us for a panel discussion with all of this year's winners as they discuss their successes with OneLogin and their digital transformation journeys.

12:15 P.M. - 1:00 P.M. | Networking Break / User Lab Roundtables / Digital Expo / Yoga

Join us in the digital expo throughout the day to connect virtually with OneLogin experts, trusted solution partners, and like-minded peers.

Hatha Flow Yoga for Beginners
Take a break to practice hatha yoga with us to rinse out the body and build the physical strength and endurance to spend long periods of time in front of the computer screen.

12:15 P.M. - 1:00 P.M. | General Session

Empowering Secure, Digital Work Anywhere: Panel Discussion with UKG, Jamf, and BetterCloud

Matt Hurley, VP Global Channel, Distribution, OEM and Strategic Alliances, OneLogin.

Join Matt Hurley, VP Channels and Alliances, and our Diamond Partner Sponsors for a live panel discussion on digital work, identity security, and mobility trends in a changing world and how strategic technology partnerships can make a difference.

1:00 P.M. - 1:45 P.M. | Choose Your Track

Executive Track: Going Confidently into the Unknown: A Blueprint for Business Continuity Planning During a Crisis and Beyond

Dayna Rothman, Chief Marketing Officer, OneLogin

We’ve come a long way since March. From moving to remote work at break-neck speeds, planning for an economic recession, and managing through civil unrest – 2020 has been a tough year. While there have been many learnings, the need for business continuity planning, the right technology, agile planning, and a strong people engagement strategy have been critical for growth.

Join Dayna Rothman, CMO of OneLogin as she discusses real-life learnings so far, how to develop a business continuity strategy for a crisis and beyond, how OneLogin has leveraged agile business planning across executive leadership and GTM, and how to keep remote employees engaged during uncertain times.

Workforce & Customer Identity Track: Achieving Carrier Grade: Leveraging the Hydra Cloud Infrastructure™ for Ultra-High Reliability and Extreme Scale

Bob Dickinson, Chief Technology Officer, OneLogin
Tomas Soukup, Sr. Director, Engineering, OneLogin

One of the most critical aspects of an Identity and Access Management solution is the reliability and availability of the platform. In other words, “Can I count on the platform to be operational when I need it”? And “Can I count on the platform to scale quickly across millions of users?”. At OneLogin, we believe that in the future IDaaS will be looked at like infrastructure and have re-engineered our architecture to prepare for this shift.

Join Bob Dickenson, OneLogin’s CTO, as he discusses OneLogin’s journey to carrier-grade reliability. By combining the strengths of our architecture with modern site scale and reliability approaches, we have revolutionized how IAM functions. Learn:

• The future of IDaaS as infrastructure
• How OneLogin is leveraging containerization, microservices, orchestration, dynamic clustering, and routing to achieve new levels of reliability
• What are Login Clusters and how do they work?
• How OneLogin achieved XYZ auth/s

Security Track: The Dangers of Ransomware in a Post-COVID Digital World

SPEAKER:Efrene G. Sakilayan, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI

With the rapid acceleration of digital transformation this year and more time spent online than ever before, we have seen a rapid rise in cyberattacks across the globe. With the global pandemic, unemployment, and economic uncertainty, cybercriminals have been aggressively looking for new ways to target both individuals and organizations. As security professionals, we spend the majority of our careers investigating and reacting to incoming threats, but we don't always know how and when to involve agencies like the FBI.

Join Efrene Sakilayan, Field Supervisor, FBI San Francisco in this exclusive live session as he discusses the evolving global threat landscape. Learn:

• The new trends and techniques used by cybercriminals today to make money and impact business
• How businesses should prepare to defend against the increasing threat of ransomware
• How the FBI’s mission complements and improves cybersecurity

1:50 P.M. - 2:35 P.M. | Choose Your Track

Executive Track: Future of Work Fireside Chat: The Evolution of the Cloud and Security in a Transitioning World

Brad Brooks, CEO & President, OneLogin
Chris Grusz, Director of Business Development, AWS Marketplace

Today’s businesses need to rely on the cloud more than ever before. With the move to remote work and evolving consumer demands, digital transformation is accelerating at a rapid pace. With employees accessing critical applications remotely, businesses can no longer afford to be tied down to legacy, on-premises systems. You need to provide access from any location on any device in a way that is secure and can scale as your business grows.

Join Brad Brooks, CEO of OneLogin and Marta Whiteaker, Director of AWS Marketplace & Control Services EMEA/APJ in a fireside chat where they discuss:
• How the constant state of workforce transition has impacted cloud migration
• Security as the core foundation for effective digital transformation
• How AWS and OneLogin work together to provide security, reliability, and global scale

Workforce & Customer Identity Track: A Blueprint for Success: Best Practices for Implementing AI-Powered Authentication and Passwordless Experiences

Stuart Sharp, VP of Sales Engineering, OneLogin
Brandon Simons, Director of Product Management, OneLogin

Hackers are getting more sophisticated every year and traditional Multi-Factor Authentication simply isn’t enough to protect your organization. Enter AI-driven, passwordless Authentication. Now, by leveraging machine learning, your authentication efforts can be customized based on context and perceived risk, enabling both security and a great user experience.

Join OneLogin’s Brandon Simons, Director of Product Management, and Stuart Sharp, VP of Sales Engineering, as they outline your blueprint for enabling passwordless authentication. You will learn:

• How to leverage AI and risk scoring for context-aware security
• How to build authentication policies to control access for scenarios like remote workforce, extended workforce, BYOD, etc
• The top challenges and pitfalls while using AI-powered authentication
• OneLogin’s SmartFactor Authentication and VigilanceAI risk engine
• Upcoming SmartFactor product releases

Security Track: Enemy at the Gates...Why Traditional Vulnerability Management Has Failed (AKA, “Why Hackers Don’t Give a Sh*t”)

SPEAKER:Eoin Keary, Founder & CEO, Edge Scan

Traditional vulnerability management has failed in keeping us secure. Learn what it takes to deliver vulnerability management at scale and how can we keep pace with the speed of development. What is the trade-off between speed and accuracy and why is this acceptable?

2:45 P.M. - 2:50 P.M. | Networking Break / User Lab Roundtables / Digital Expo / Meditation

Join us in the digital expo throughout the day to connect virtually with OneLogin experts, trusted solution partners, and like-minded peers.

Easy 5 Minute Meditation to Calm Down and Relax

Now that we’ve blown your mind with today’s jam packed content, take a few minutes to meditate to prepare yourself for the adrenaline boosting Digital Disarmament session from a famous Whistleblower.

2:50 P.M. - 3:40 P.M. | Choose Your Track

Executive Track: How to Communicate, Consume, and Integrate the Right Threat Intelligence into Your Business Strategy, Operations, and Tactics

SPEAKER: Brian Kime, Senior Analyst Serving Security & Risk Professionals, Forrester

Each year, cyber threats increase, hackers become more intelligent, and businesses are more vulnerable. Unfortunately, many business leaders, including CISOs, are not consuming the cyber threat intelligence necessary to make long-term policy and funding decisions in order to reduce risk to the business. And as a result, the business is blindsided by a breach that can have a huge impact on revenue, customer retention, brand reputation, employee retention, and more.

Join Brian Kime, Senior Analyst at Forrester, as he discusses how to deliver complete, accurate, relevant and timely intelligence to the C-suite and Board of Directors and provide guidance on how to put mitigation plans in action.

Workforce & Customer Identity Track: WFH Stories: How the Evernote IT Team Prepared for Remote Work

SPEAKER: Shams Mansoor, Senior IT Manager, Evernote

Making the transition to a fully remote workforce virtually overnight has proven challenging for many businesses, including those who already have the majority of their services running in the cloud. You now have workers who are using their at-home devices to access critical company resources on networks you can’t control. Additional challenges need to be addressed, such as onboarding new hires virtually and securing access to video conferencing tools, like Zoom.

Hear from OneLogin customer, Shams Mansoor, Senior IT Manager at Evernote, on how his team prepared for the transition and what processes they successfully put in place to improve help desk support, the onboarding experience for new hires, and more.

Security Track: Hacker Chat: Attacks and Threats in a Rapidly Remote World

Lonnie Benavides, Head of Infrastructure and Application Security, OneLogin
Douglas Day, AKA, the_arch_angel, Bug Bounty Hunter, HackerOne
Justin Clarke-Salt, Managing Director, EMEA - Cyber Security, Cyber Solutions, Aon

Hackers discuss the current interesting attack techniques that are being utilized and how multi-factor authentication and enhanced MFA reduce risk by making attacks harder to execute. They’ll discuss practical steps for companies to apply along and speak to how useful the MITRE ATT&CK framework is for companies as a framework.

3:40 P.M. - 4:30 P.M. | Closing Keynote

Digital Disarmament: Electoral Lessons Learned from a Famous Whistleblower

SPEAKER: Christopher Wylie, Former Cambridge Analytica Research Director and Whistleblower

One of the most famous whistleblowers of our time discusses what will surely be a very provocative talk about: Digital Disarmament, the risk of data weaponization on election integrity, disinformation in a hyperconnected world and professional integrity and ethics to create a healthier digital world.

4:30 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. | Closing Activity: Let’s celebrate!

Connect, Cocktails & Comedy: Featuring Special Guest Sarah Cooper, Author & Comedian!