SAML Enable Security

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Yammer Takes a Proactive Approach to Security by Leveraging OneLogin and SAML to Eliminate Passwords to its 40+ Applications

With over 40 cloud applications deployed enterprise-wide, Yammer needed to secure web application access and eliminate password-related support tickets. With OneLogin’s single sign-on (SSO) and identity management solution, Yammer’s IT staff can now effectively administer users of cloud applications and focus on mission-critical projects instead of time consuming, manual tasks.

Yammer extended the benefits of single sign-on to its customers by SAML enabling its application. SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is a web single sign-on protocol that completely eliminates the need for passwords. Yammer customers, who also use OneLogin, can access their account using SAML.

Adoption Drivers

The need for a single sign-on solution fueled Yammer’s adoption of OneLogin. Knowing that it’s common for people to repeatedly use weak and easy-to-remember passwords such as a pet’s name, “123”, or “letmein,” Yammer was proactive in securing access to its 40+ cloud applications.

Instead of waiting for a security breach or phishing attack, Yammer eliminated user-managed credentials.  Employees now seamlessly access all web solutions through their secure OneLogin Portal. For IT, user management and control is now in one centralized location – OneLogin’s App Portal.  IT can grant application access based on “User Type”, “Role”, and “Group”, easily set and enforce security policies, and deactivate users in real-time to prevent unauthorized access.

Why OneLogin?

OneLogin’s ease of use and extensive security features met Yammer’s single sign-on and identity management requirements. As an enterprise solution, Yammer understands the importance of providing its users with single sign-on support which is why the application is SAML-enabled – instead of relying on a username and password, customers can securely and quickly access Yammer through their OneLogin Portal.

The following features influenced the company’s decision to use OneLogin:
  • Password consolidation: Yammer employees only need to remember one password to access all company web apps
  • User provisioning: IT staff can grant app access based on customizable roles and group types in addition to updating and deactivating users in real time

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