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Susan G. Komen® is dedicated to combating breast cancer on every front.

Since 1982, Komen has played a critical role in every major advance in the fight against breast cancer – transforming how the world talks about and treats this disease and helping to turn millions of breast cancer patients into breast cancer survivors. To date, the organization has invested more than $2.5 billion in research and life-saving community programs, and it is active through partnerships in more than 30 countries around the world.

Headquartered in Dallas, Susan G. Komen has more than 200 employees at its headquarters, with a network of over 100 Affiliates in the U.S., Germany, Italy and Puerto Rico.


Before adopting OneLogin, logging onto applications was a manual, tedious process, which introduced risk, impacted productivity and drove up costs. "We had an intranet with links to different applications, but there was no central, federated approach," said Brim Basom, IT solutions advisor at Susan G. Komen. A big concern was the lack of security around passwords. "People had no central repository to store their login credentials for all the required system applications," he said.

According to Basom, the company had a lot of unique applications with unique logins. "We had about 20 different applications that various business and IT groups were using internally," he said. "Some of them were being managed in complete isolation by different groups, and there was no easy way to log in to that application."

Komen knew that some type of single sign-on solution would not only decrease risk, but help to reduce keystrokes and improve user productivity. "Komen looked at a lot of different vendors for single sign-on, when it came down to it; the service we got initially from OneLogin was exceptional compared to the competition."

Basom said that the one 30-minute call to OneLogin got them up and running for testing. "We are able to follow everything with zero issues," he said. "That was really impressive. We didn’t have the same experience with some of the other vendors. And, OneLogin really worked with us on pricing for non-profit. All around, they came out on top in our overall analysis."

"You click on Salesforce and boom! It’s open. You don’t have to deal with logging in, ever. There are certain groups where the application usage is very heavy; for these power users, it saves them a lot of time."


Features that stood out for Basom were OneLogin’s form-based login and the availability of connectors to key business applications. "We wanted something that could accommodate all the applications that we have," he said. "Also, the solution is light and in the cloud, so all we have to install is a few things on some infrastructure pieces to connect to our Active Directory." Basom also liked the user interface for its ease of use. "From an admin perspective, it was pretty easy to set up the connectors and manage everything."

Today the Komen team manages an internal SharePoint site on the intranet from which the OneLogin portal is accessible. Other applications can be reached directly from SharePoint, without entering the portal. Behind those apps are OneLogin URLs that launch the apps using Desktop SSO. Remote and onsite workers can also login to the OneLogin App Portal via a web browser or mobile device.

Basom says the password vaulting feature is important because they have a lot of form-based as well as SAML applications. "OneLogin is very flexible and boosts productivity by allowing you to get to everything you need with fewer clicks," he said. "You click on Salesforce and boom! It’s open. You don’t have to deal with logging in, ever. There are certain groups where the application usage is very heavy; for these power users, it saves them a lot of time."

OneLogin Mobile speeds app access on the go

OneLogin Mobile gives users the full web experience rather than a subset of the functionality while they’re out of the office. Applications launch in browser tabs with one click, making it easy to switch between apps. Users can sign into OneLogin Mobile with their existing network credentials from Active Directory or LDAP, which means fewer support tickets and higher productivity.

"OneLogin on the iPad lets me quickly log into an application to check something while I’m away from the office, without any hassle," Basom said. "It’s a lot fewer clicks to go through."


Currently, the organization uses 20 web applications, including Salesforce, Blackbaud Luminate Online, SuccessFactors, SharePoint and PeopleSoft Financials. All are now accessible with OneLogin.

According to Forrester Research, about 25 percent of all helpdesk calls are the result of password problems or resets, and the average cost of a password related helpdesk call is about $25.

By reducing the overall amount of time employees spend locked out of apps, as well as their time using multiple URLs, usernames and passwords for logins, OneLogin is saving Susan G. Komen roughly $117,000 per year – funds that can be devoted to Komen’s research and community outreach programs. "We’ve seen a substantial reduction in the number of password reset requests flowing through the helpdesk," said Basom. "When you’re accessing apps through OneLogin, you never have to do anything with your password. It’s a huge time saver."

Basom says "ROI is also substantial when you consider reduction in integration costs." In addition to using existing connectors that come with OneLogin, his team has created custom connectors to make access to proprietary applications easy as well. "The solution’s flexibility is very valuable," he said.

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