Enabling an Independent Law Firm With a Rich History of Innovation to Pivot With Ease

At a glance

With over 300 years’ history, Farrer & Co. is one of the most illustrious independent law firms in the world. As a professional services knowledge environment, it has continually adapted to change over time. With a growing remote workforce, it needed to pivot again, and started to move its services into the cloud.


Neil Davison, IT director at Farrer & Co. explains, "This change brought with it huge benefits, but also significant potential challenges. We needed to ensure sensitive information remained secure, but that all staff had access to the document management system needed for remote working".

After considering a number of different options, Davison decided the company required a next-generation solution that would work well both today, but would also grow in the future and still support its end goal of moving all systems to an easily-accessible cloud solution.


Taking small steps, Farrer & Co. decided on NetDocuments as its new management system for all cloud-based documents, and was introduced by the company to its close partner, OneLogin. With a secure identity management solution and single sign-on, OneLogin met all its needs.

Davison comments, “After thorough research, OneLogin stood out amongst its competitors. Not only did its local presence appeal to us, but it could deliver an effective replacement for the two factor authentication (2FA) solution we had in place. The previous expensive and aging software and hardware tokens could be removed and integration of cloud systems move ahead.”

With 70% of the workforce requiring mobile access, Farrer & Co. chose OneLogin primarily for authentication, as well as:

  • Ease of access via a central portal where the team could consolidate its existing cloud-based applications, making it easier for users, as they no longer have to remember the various website addresses
  • Flexibility for users to add personal websites, saving them from memorizing an expanding list of usernames and passwords
  • Mobility with an iOS app for users to easily access cloud apps


A large underground fire in London close to Farrer & Co. offices not only brought down the firm’s internet services, but it kept most employees from the office, due to loss of power and access. OneLogin’s authentication process meant staff could still work as normal, securely accessing all documents, and most importantly, be available for their clients.

The potential loss of one or more working days brought with it a stark realisation – remote access is invaluable when faced with a business continuity challenge on this scale. Alongside the remote access solution, there were a number of other factors which impacted the organisation:

  • The removal of software and hardware access tokens enabled users to authenticate using one-time passcodes on a mobile app or SMS-based authentication
  • The consolidation of two authentication methods into one saved money and administration time for IT teams
  • Having only one place to authenticate employees meant less software and hardware to maintain, lowering associated costs

With these benefits, not only has the OneLogin solution had a huge positive impact on the IT department by freeing up their time, but the lawyers love it, too. The feedback has been that it’s made remote working incredibly easy, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve,” explains Davison.

The firm never previously thought it could move systems into the cloud, but now it can. OneLogin is the next-generation solution we had always dreamed of, and the results speak for themselves,” concludes Davison.

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