Top 7 Holiday Gifts for the Geeks in Your Life!

As a tech company, we have perhaps a few folks around who might be considered geeks. So we asked our “experts” in this particular demographic what they would consider exciting gifts to get this season. We thought we would share our findings to help you find that special gift for the geek in your life.

  1. Customizable Laptop from framework: Framework gives you the ability to fully customize and even assemble your own laptop. You can even “bring your own” memory, storage, WIFI adapter, and OS. As our expert stated: “who doesn’t love a laptop they can customize?”
  2. Powerful Laptop built for Linux OS from StarLabs: A new laptop seems like a good bet, but remember not any old laptop will do for the Geek in your life. The Starbook Mk V introduces itself with the phrase “bigger is better.” This is certainly true. The Starbook is an incredibly powerful laptop that is designed specifically to run Linux OSs.
  3. Ultrawide Monitor: Frankly, we don’t know who wouldn’t appreciate more desktop space. (But our social network might be a bit more on the geeky side.) Many of us have at least 2 monitors nowadays, but imagine how luxurious it would feel to have just one ultrawide monitor that is over 4 feet wide. No more juggling windows from one monitor to another.
  4. Bose noise cancelling headphones/earbuds: If you haven’t heard about Bose noise cancelling headphones/earbuds – these are the cream of the crop when it comes to noise cancelling headphones. And even if your beloved geek already has a pair, they might appreciate earbuds or a pair with a microphone for working at home.
  5. Mechanical Keyboard: Most of those that spend the majority of their days typing find mechanical keyboards provide a more enjoyable typing experience. They are also more durable than the keyboards that come with most laptops and desktops. We would recommend purchasing a switch tester first so that your geeky loved one can decide what type of keyboard stroke they prefer.
  6. PS5: Geeks and gamers often go hand and hand, so the latest and greatest gaming console is probably a good choice. Though the console was released last year, availability has been iffy, so there are those who still haven’t bought this newest release in the Playstation family. There is a handy dandy availability tracker available on CNET.
  7. Google’s Pixel 6 Pro: Released in October of 2021, this newest Pixel is hot off the assembly line. With better performance, a more advanced camera and built-in hardware security, this is the premiere choice of phones. (At least for those that aren’t using iPhones.)

We did find a few of our “experts” had simply bought some of these items for themselves. Which is always a danger, so make sure you do a bit of reconnaissance ahead of time. Also it doesn’t hurt to ask (not all gifts have to be surprises). Many of our experts were very particular about what they wanted or the brand/version of what they wanted. Again, it can’t hurt to ask and they will know that you really care about getting them something they will enjoy.

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