Sharing SaaS passwords

One of the great advantages of single sign-on is that all of your apps are in one place. Most of us use only a handful of apps intensely, which is where being able to just click on a icon saves a lot of time. But what about those apps that we use less often? A good example are those apps where the entire organization shares one login that you can never remember, such as the corporate FedEx account, a domain name registrar or a hosting provider.

OneLogin allows you to make apps shared. An admin fills in the credentials and users never have to worry about logging in. Not only does this save everyone a lot of time, it also makes access to the app more secure because users would otherwise have those hard-to-remember passwords written on post-it notes.

Shared App Access

At OneLogin we use shared apps for, SendGrid,, Twitter, Squarespace and Rackspace. Click-click. Ta-ta!

Note that this feature should not be used for cheating with SaaS licenses. Sharing seats is exactly the kind of thing that gets you in trouble when employees leave your organization. More about this in another blog post soon.

About the Author

Thomas Pedersen

Thomas Pedersen, founder of Onelogin, has more than 15 years of experience in building and selling carrier-grade billing systems for phone companies, initially at Cisco-backed Digiquant in Denmark and later at Intec Telecom Systems in the US. After having helped Zendesk grow to 5,000 customers as VP Business Development, he is now laser-focused on making OneLogin the most widely deployed identity management solution in the cloud.

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