SAML Plug-in for WordPress

WordPress has long been one of the most popular integrations among our customers and some customers manage multiple WordPress accounts with many contributors. The original WordPress integration uses form-based authentication, which means we simply automate the login process using email address and password.

However, since we’re on a crusade against passwords and WordPress has a nice plug-in framework, we decided to implement a SAML plug-in that you can use with OneLogin. In addition to simply eliminating passwords, the SAML integration provides these benefits:

  • Easy, one-click access to WordPress
  • Users can sign in with their Active Directory or LDAP credentials
  • Multi-factor authentication for added security
  • Centrally de-provision former employees and contractors

Plug-ins are available to anyone who hosts WordPress themselves (i.e. not on and you can add it in a matter of seconds. Just click Plugins in WordPress’ sidebar and search for SAML. OneLogin’s plug-in will appear at the top.

See the step-by-step instructions in our support forum.

About the Author

Thomas Pedersen

Thomas Pedersen, founder of Onelogin, has more than 15 years of experience in building and selling carrier-grade billing systems for phone companies, initially at Cisco-backed Digiquant in Denmark and later at Intec Telecom Systems in the US. After having helped Zendesk grow to 5,000 customers as VP Business Development, he is now laser-focused on making OneLogin the most widely deployed identity management solution in the cloud.

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