We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Yubico to provide two-factor authentication for OneLogin using their brilliantly simple YubiKey.

YubiKey® is a USB-key that plugs into any computer and works with any operating system and browser. No client software is required. Once inserted, the user can send a secure one-time password to the screen with a light touch of the key’s button.

Part of the one-time password is linked to a user account in OneLogin and the entire key is validated in real-time against Yubico’s server to ensure that it’s valid and has not been used before. Users with YubiKey®OTP will see the a login form that looks like this.

Prompt for YubiKdey Code

The one-time password, which will look like this “cccccccbhrjgijjbhckjcvhrlbculvfckulhcgjfurkb”, is automatically pasted into the OTP field and if the validation is successful, the user is logged in. Simple and secure.

This is just our first stab at YubiKey® and you can expect more in the coming months.

About the Author

Thomas Pedersen

Thomas Pedersen, founder of Onelogin, has more than 15 years of experience in building and selling carrier-grade billing systems for phone companies, initially at Cisco-backed Digiquant in Denmark and later at Intec Telecom Systems in the US. After having helped Zendesk grow to 5,000 customers as VP Business Development, he is now laser-focused on making OneLogin the most widely deployed identity management solution in the cloud.

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