How to build your app portfolio in OneLogin: Introducing the new Dynamic App Catalog

We are very excited to announce the latest in seamless enterprise password management.

The OneLogin Dynamic App Catalog enables users to quickly and easily add apps to their OneLogin Portal using the OneLogin browser extension. The Dynamic App Catalog detects new sign ins and offers to save them in OneLogin.

Add App

User can decide if the account (app) is personal or work-related. Personal accounts and their credentials are never visible to OneLogin admins.

With minimal effort, OneLogin builds full portfolios of both personal and corporate apps behind the scenes that serves as a single source of truth for all accounts that use form-based authentication. All apps and web accounts then live in a single, up-to-date OneLogin Portal, available for one-click login directly from the OneLogin browser extension. Even better, you can instantly access these apps using a keyboard command.

Select App with Browser Extension

What this means for users: Easy Login Management

Imagine that you arrive at work and see that you have received an email from Gartner asking you to update your profile information. OK, sign in to their website. But what password do you use? Why isn’t this website in your OneLogin portal?

This scenario haunts countless employees who use cloud apps and websites that are not fully managed by their IT team. It requires discipline to capture new login credentials and bring them into a centrally managed system.

Consider the case of opening an office in a new city. You have websites to apply for permits with local government, apps to file taxes, and an app to submit requests to the office building management company, to name a few. Everything that used to be a paper form is now done online and accessed with passwords. At OneLogin we thought, “What if we made this centralization process automatic?”

What it means for IT: Embrace app discovery

When you are an IT admin, it’s never fun to deal with accounts living outside your identity management system, but the reality (and in fact the promise) of a cloud-ready workplace is that your employees will sign up for and try Shadow IT services that you don’t necessarily screen or vet.

In fact, we’ve seen separate studies from Cisco and Blue Coat indicating that a typical enterprise has over 600 cloud applications that need to be secured. This is where our new app login detection can help you get a deeper understanding of what products or services employees use or try to adopt for their work.

How to add a login to the Dynamic App Catalog

In the OneLogin administration, go to Settings/ Policies, open any User Policy, and see the two settings:

  • Users can add Company apps
  • Users can add Personal apps

Security Policy Settings to change Browser Extension options

Adding a Company App

When you add a new company app, it is placed under the default (oldest) company tab and OneLogin creates a record in the Events log (“User John Smith added a new app ABC”). The newly added app is not put into any role.

As an admin, you may want to set up a notification when a user adds a new company app. In some cases you may decide to off-load app management and make a certain user an app admin for this new app.

Adding a Personal App

When you add a new personal app — for instance, the app for your personal bank account — it is placed in user’s Personal Apps tab. Admins cannot see this personal app in the OneLogin administration interface and no record is created in the Events log.

Try it out

The new Dynamic App Catalog is available today in the OneLogin for Google Chrome browser extension, with other browsers coming soon. You can learn more about the Dynamic App Catalog in our knowledge base article. We are incredibly excited to see what you think, so give it a try and get back to us!

About the Author

Dusan Vitek

Dusan Vitek is Director of Product Management at OneLogin. He co-founded the identity and access management startup, Portadi, which was acquired by OneLogin in June 2016. Prior to Portadi, he had spent 15+ years in the Internet security industry. Dusan loves technology products, and enjoys building the companies that offer simple solutions to complex problems.

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