IDC and OneLogin on the Key Market and Product Trends Impacting Identity and Access Management

April 17th, 2013   |     |  Smarter Identity

Key Market and Product Trends Impacting Identity and Access Management

Last month, Thomas and I had a briefing with Sally Hudson, IDC’s lead research director covering identity and access management (IAM) products. IDC sees strong growth in what it calls the IAM SaaS market: $702.7 million in 2011, reaching $1.4 billion by 2016.

So, what are some of the trends driving the growth of cloud-based single sign on IAM products like OneLogin? Here’s our take on the key market trends that helped drive our 400% explosive growth in 2012 and what we’re hearing as key drivers and trends in SaaS IAM adoption within our 700+ enterprise customers.

Key Market Trends Driving Demand for OneLogin

  • As more sales and support functions move to the cloud, enterprises want SSO for their external users as well.
  • Cloud SSO is often led by the corporation’s adoption of a key SaaS application.
  • Many customers want to avoid directly dealing with Microsoft ADFS.
  • OneLogin is implemented to coexist with legacy IAM.
  • A shift from hardware tokens to soft tokens is taking place in some organizations due to perceived lower costs and management requirements.
  • Strong demand for SAML is coming from SaaS vendors. Approximately 70 SaaS vendors have implemented OneLogin’s open source SAML toolkits.
  • User provisioning and de-provisioning become more important as more users have SaaS applications.
  • Enterprises want to connect their directory infrastructure to the cloud.

Sally Hudson is a research director within IDC’s Security Products and Services group, focusing on identity and access management (IAM) products. She analyzes and forecasts market trends and provides expert insight and intelligence on the evolving security landscape. Additionally, Ms. Hudson produces numerous in-depth annual research studies, and works with both vendor and user clients to formulate and implement effective IT strategies. Prior to her work in the security field, Ms. Hudson was a member of IDC’s Infrastructure Software Overview service.

Ms. Hudson has been a staple in the information technology industry since 1986. Prior to joining IDC, she was a research analyst and regular columnist for Application Development Trends Magazine, where she followed the component development strategies and the enterprise middleware markets. In addition to Java and component development, Ms. Hudson has a comprehensive research background in the enterprise middleware and OLTP market space.

Over the years, Ms. Hudson’s articles have appeared in most major industry publications, including Computerworld, InformationWeek, Software Magazine, Datamation, and the San Jose Mercury News. She is a regular speaker at industry events, has co-chaired trade shows, and often moderates panels for special interest groups.

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