Global-Ready: OneLogin Localized in over 20 Languages

March 18th, 2015   |     |  company news

OneLogin translates our end-user experience into 20 different languages, including English, Spanish, Danish, Italian, French, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Korean, Hungarian, Malay, Marathi, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Hindi.

Whether you are a global enterprise with regional offices around the world, or have partners and contractors working offshore that require localized user interfaces, OneLogin provides you the flexibility to fulfill these requirements and deliver a better experience. Users simply select their language preference from their profile, as defined by their Administrators, and their portal is rendered accordingly. At OneLogin, I’ve chosen English for my interface.

And even with bi-weekly service updates, our customers continue to experience a consistent localized interface. By utilizing a programmatic integration with a localization provider, we can dynamically provide translations for end-user strings into 20 different languages whenever we launch new features or make adjustments to existing product copy.

What this means for you is that language isn’t a barrier when expanding your identity solution into new regions. Simply choose which languages you want to make available to your users and OneLogin will automatically match the portal’s language to the user’s browser settings. With so many other other considerations, from regulatory to logistical, we’re happy to take one off your list.

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Robert Paraschiv is a passionate product manager who works with OneLogin’s engineering team to define, build and launch products and features for OneLogin’s core identity management platform, OTP app, and native mobile single sign-on apps. Robert cares deeply about design and usability, and knows how to balance data and aesthetics to inform product design.

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