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Collin Hachwi, IT infrastructure manager at Digital Intelligence Systems (DISYS), supports the company’s team of more than 650 employees and 4,000 independent consultants around the globe—many of whom are remote workers who use their own desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones to conduct business. DISYS, a global managed staffing and services company, utilizes cloud-based enterprise applications such as SalesForce to streamline many of its business processes, but when it came time to add new applications into the mix, Hachwi knew the company needed to consider a strong identity management solution that was scalable to accommodate the addition of new applications and users.

Active Directory Integration to Offices 365

The problem: Adding Active Directory integration with single sign-on to new applications can take significant time and effort. An April 2 webinar titled “Extending Identity to the Cloud: AFDS vs. Azure vs. OneLogin” will get into more detail on the integration issues enterprises face when integrating applications like Office 365 into their existing directory infrastructure. In Hachwi’s case, he was looking to:

  • Streamline and simplify the provisioning of new apps to employees
  • Avoid adding the cost and maintenance burden of ADFS servers
  • Deliver real-time directory integration with single sign-on to more than 4,000 users, regardless of location or device

After evaluating and dismissing alternative solutions like Okta, DISYS selected OneLogin’s on-demand solution that includes single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, directory integration and user provisioning. But OneLogin’s catalog of thousands of pre-integrated applications was the clincher.

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) vs.  OneLogin

“All the directory integration was already done,” said Hachwi, estimating that it took 30 minutes to deploy new applications such as Office 365 and Concur. “Using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) would have had a much larger impact, and it would have affected our disaster recovery setup strategy, as well. We would have to set up and maintain those servers, as well as back them up. OneLogin eliminated all that hassle and made it really easy.”

Additional benefits of the implementation include:

  • Keeping up with the demands of the business in the delivery of new applications
  • Reduced costs of provisioning and de-provisioning web apps by eliminating the need to hire extra staff or pay for integrations
  • Eliminated complexity and risk associated with ‘back door’ access with real-time provisioning and de-provisioning

As Hachwi’s team adds new toolsets, OneLogin will be the enabling technology moving forward. For example, the team was able to get BMC RemedyForce up and running on top of SalesForce in just days, because the integration was already in place.

Fast OneLogin Active Directory Integration Saves Time and Money

With fast directory integration and SaaS app deployment, DISYS can stay on top of its more than 50 projects, and provide its consultants and employees rapid, secure access to the applications they need to do their jobs effectively. The company also saves time and money by not having to deploy and maintain additional infrastructure. For Hackwi, that’s a win-win.

“OneLogin fits really well into our infrastructure, with easy setup and configuration, and the ability to customize rules and user roles,” he said. “It makes application deployment simple and streamlined for our team to manage and gives our dispersed employees and contractors secure application access at the click of a mouse.”

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