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OneLogin is extremely proud to announce our Connect 2021 customer awards. These awards recognize customers who excel at using OneLogin’s platform for business transformation, cloud deployment, collaboration, and innovation.

This year’s winners were selected from OneLogin’s customer base of more than 2,500 businesses, which were evaluated based on quantitative metrics, individual usage, and company-wide adoption of a security-first mindset. Businesses were nominated across four different categories: IAM Evangelist, Transformation Titan, Customer Experience Conqueror, and Security Superstar

The OneLogin Loggie awards honor our OneLogin customers who are the best of the best, who are shaping the future of IT and security, and who have positively influenced their businesses with our solutions. We are not only impressed by their platform implementation, but also with their collaboration and innovation when it comes to boosting their security resiliency.

This year, OneLogin recognizes the following customers for the annual OneLogin Loggie awards in the EMEA region. Congratulations to each of the winners!

Ayoub El Aassal from Qonto

OneLogin’s IAM Evangelist award goes to a customer who goes above and beyond to share the positive ways OneLogin impacts their organisation. This customer proudly advocates on our behalf and is always willing to help build the OneLogin story with customer references, referrals, and other external advocacy efforts.
This year’s award goes to Ayoub El Aassal at Qonto: As Head of Information Security, Ayoub and his team consistently challenges the cybersecurity status quo and innovates in a field plagued by inefficient processes. Their main goal is to deliver the most pragmatic and transparent security for all customers and colleagues.

OneLogin’s Transformation Titan award goes to a customer who is clearly demonstrating best-in-class business transformation and measurable business value from utilizing OneLogin. This customer openly collaborates on innovative ways to strengthen identity security by pushing the boundaries and adopting new technologies.
This year’s award goes to Wilhelm Pettersson from Hermitage Medical Clinic: With expertise in delivering change, leveraging current technologies, and deploying new technologies, Wilhelm works to drive digital growth at the Hermitage Clinic with a cloud-first approach. With about 700 employees, 250 consultants, and a small IT team, Hermitage Medical Clinic embraced a cloud-first strategy a few years back. The hospital is currently on a digital transformation journey, both clinical and organisational wide.

Wilhelm Pettersson from Hermitage Medical Clinic
Helder Santos from CMS Legal Services

OneLogin’s Customer Experience Conqueror award goes to a customer who has improved the customer experience by providing frictionless authentication for their organisation with OneLogin. A customer-centric mindset enabled them to deliver a unified customer experience to strengthen their company’s security posture.
This year’s award goes to Helder Santos at CMS Legal Services: As the Director of Digital and Information Technology at CMS, Helder focuses on the globalization and combination of technology services, emphasizing innovation in the areas of cloud infrastructure (IaaS), security, and SaaS delivery. His current focus involves managing teams and building solutions. He harnesses disruptive technology and uses innovation for organisational change and evolution within a dynamic and multicultural team across 75 offices in 43 countries.


OneLogin’s Security Superstar award goes to a customer who has prioritized defending their organisation against cyberthreats by investing in technologies that help them enforce the principle of least privilege with OneLogin. A security-first mindset has allowed this customer to lay the groundwork for their strategic Zero Trust implementation.
This year’s Security Superstar award goes to Alex Antukh from Glovoapp: As Director of Security, Alexander is a seasoned cybersecurity executive who is passionate about strategy and enterprise security architecture. Extremely knowledgeable about the principal security frameworks, he has a proven track record of building successful Information security programs from scratch.

Alexander Antukh from Glovoapp

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