Calculate the ROI of OneLogin for Your Business

June 21st, 2016   |     |  product & technology

In the age of cloud-based computing, it’s still not uncommon for legacy on-prem directories to sit at the core of highly complicated IT infrastructures. These types of systems are not only slowing down business, but are also very expensive to set up and maintain.

The Solution: Identity and Access Management

Knowing this, more and more enterprises are looking to address the cost and complexity burdens of legacy systems, and eager to move Identity and Access Management (IAM) functionality to the cloud. From there, they can consolidate their numerous directories in a cost effective manner while ensuring that their intellectual property stays protected.

In contrast to the steep deployment and maintenance cost for traditional IAM solutions, with IDaaS offerings such as OneLogin, businesses can avoid the cost of having to assure high availability. In addition, the zero-configuration OneLogin Active Directory Connector (ADC) installs via a simple click-through process that deploys the ADC as a Windows service. This feature enables Desktop SSO (Integrated Windows Authentication), further minimizing both cost and network complexity.

Show me the numbers. What’s the return on investment?

We recently shared the specific cost savings that can be achieved with our solution. One of our customers quantified a very favorable 482 percent return on investment (ROI) and a payback period of just two months, as documented in this Total Economic Impact™ Study (TEI). Forrester Consulting conducted the study and determined risk-adjusted benefits of $3,425,833 over three years versus the costs of $588,548 for OneLogin, equating to a net present value (NPV) of $2,837,285.

These are excellent results for an organization that had set out to pursue their strategic vision of moving all their applications to the cloud and providing secure SSO access for all users - whether in the office or remote.

How much can OneLogin help my business save?

The great news is that you can achieve similar results. Use the interactive ROI Tool developed by Forrester Consulting based on Forrester’s TEI™ framework to calculate just how much you can save by moving to OneLogin.

Want to learn more about the value of OneLogin? Click here to watch the on-demand webinar with Forrester: The Use Case and ROI of a Unified Cloud Directory.

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