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Insurance Software Company Improves Security and Savings with Identity Management

They absolutely love the fact that they don’t have to remember a million passwords

VP of Enterprise Technology

This insurance software company simplifies and accelerates claims management and processes through a range of technology solutions, networks, and partners for more than 300 insurance companies—including the majority of the top 25 insurance payers.

With a growing cloud app set including NetSuite, Salesforce, Concur and others, this company had been wrestling with single sign-on (SSO) for months. While Active Directory (AD) and ADFS were working for internal applications, it wasn’t long before they needed to accommodate more cloud services to support a rapidly growing user population. With the adoption of BMC Remedyforce, the VP of Enterprise Technology began working with the architecture team to identify a resource-efficient and scalable system for cloud user provisioning and authentication. “Our architecture team looks at how we can scale and we look at how we can leverage common tools across our platform,” said the VP.

Meanwhile, users were struggling with a growing number of passwords and login instructions. Company employees continued to demand and use more apps, which meant that the architecture team needed to find a way to make things easier for users. The idea of having sheets of paper with passwords written on them was not sitting well with the security side of the organization. Also, the company needed a solution that could meet the necessary information security certification and ever-growing regulatory policy required for all technology partners.

The architecture team selected OneLogin to implement a “quicker, cleaner” path for authentication, leveraging the Active Directory Connector (ADC) for real-time synchronization to ensure timely provisioning to all of its business apps. “When we saw that your connector would work for us, we saw new potential for using business applications and that we could light up all the various tools that the business was using,” said the VP. And with OneLogin’s SSO capabilities, the company was able to create both time savings and convenience for every employee. “Employee productivity—if we’re saving 1-2 minutes per day—adds up to 30-60 hours across the organization. That makes a huge difference if you add up all that time saved,” states the VP.

During their due diligence, the company consulted their information security team to ensure all the right certifications were in place and that OneLogin’s systems were up to their customers’ security standards. “Our security head was involved and he got every piece of certification we needed up front to make sure it met our audit requirements and insurance customer needs. Insurance industry and security requirements keep getting tighter and tighter, so it’s definitely helped us there,” says the VP.

Since partnering with OneLogin, the Enterprise Technology team has been able to roll out apps with a higher level of convenience and stronger security. For example, within just a few minutes, the company was able to get WebEx out to team members that needed it, with no new passwords.

Human Resources decided to bring in an employee engagement and wellness platform to the company. While OneLogin didn’t originally have a connector for it, the company asked and one was quickly developed and delivered.

“There is excitement about OneLogin company-wide,” says the VP. “They absolutely love the fact that they don’t have to remember a million passwords. My goal is to simplify their workflows but make sure that it’s secure to get their jobs done. If I can cut out a couple of minutes per day or mitigate folks having sheets of paper with passwords lying around, that’s what it’s all about.”

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