OneLoginとOne Identityが協力してIAMを提供。詳細はこちら

Optimizing access management for improved security

Optimizing access management for improved security
Richards Building Supply fortifies security, streamlines IT access management and delivers frictionless user experiences


Given the company’s rapid expansion, Richards Building Supply saw the need to adopt a secure access management solution that would enable user and IT productivity.
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Our industry peers admire what we’ve accomplished with OneLogin. I love telling them about OneLogin SmartFactor Authentication, which takes the guesswork out of user login and application access, alerting IT of unusual activity.

Matthew Verniere IT Project Manager and Architect, Richards Building Supply
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Today, Richards Building Supply, an early adopter of OneLogin solutions, continues to modernize and strengthen its security while providing users easy access to the resources they need to do their job.


  • Strengthens security of critical business resources while delivering frictionless user experiences
  • Provides IT with complete visibility of authentication and application access events
  • Saves at least 3 hours of IT’s time to provision new users, increasing efficiency through automated workflows


Richards Building Supply, which serves construction companies at over 60 locations across the U.S., has doubled in size during the last decade. Early in this growth trajectory, forward-looking IT leadership recognized that the company needed stronger protection for its systems and applications while keeping the technology environment simple for employees.

At the leading edge of security and the cloud

The company was one of the first in its industry to move to the cloud and look for a technology partner to bolster its security with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and adaptive authentication. Matthew Verniere, IT project manager and architect at Richards Building Supply, says, “OneLogin offered everything we were looking for. The customer service reps and account managers were always available to us to figure out the best solutions for our security and access management journey.”

Fast-forward to today, when Richards Building Supply enjoys a reputation as a leader in taking advantage of advanced authentication and access management technologies. Verniere often shares guidance and best practices at industry forums. “Our industry peers admire what we’ve accomplished with OneLogin,” he says. “I love telling them about OneLogin SmartFactor Authentication, which takes the guesswork out of user login and application access, alerting IT to unusual activity. Provisioning automation also gets their attention.”

Saving time while enabling user productivity

The company uses OneLogin Identity Lifecycle Management and integrates it with OneLogin HR-Driven Identity to access HR systems that contain user information. Through this integration, the company can streamline its onboarding and offboarding processes, resulting in significant time savings for the IT team. “We’re saving at least three hours per end user thanks to onboarding and provisioning with OneLogin,” says Verniere. “Instead of waiting, users can immediately get started using their new devices.”

Advanced, secure and seamless authentication

Richards Building Supply pairs OneLogin SmartFactor Authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication to enable context-aware capabilities that provide IT with user logging information and alerts without getting in the way of user productivity. Verniere explains, “OneLogin SmartFactor Authentication allows us to make our IT infrastructure secure and resilient with a tool that seems small but has a broad reach. By reviewing the logs to see users’ threat levels and risk scores, I can investigate likely threats and address them immediately.”

Verniere appreciates the usability of the OneLogin solutions. “The flexible OneLogin Multi-Factor Authentication options are great for users,” he notes. “We encourage them to use the OneLogin Protect Authenticator App, which includes biometrics, as one of their authentication factors. Passwordless and biometric authentication is the future direction of cybersecurity.”

Evolving tomorrow’s security

As Richards Building Supply adapts and strengthens its security, OneLogin remains a key solution provider. Verniere collaborates with the OneLogin customer support and account teams to make certain that the company reaps the full benefits of the OneLogin solutions it owns. “We are eager to further optimize roles-based mappings and application access with automations, one of the most beautiful capabilities OneLogin offers,” says Verniere. “For our users, we will continue improving our delivery of a fluid, productive experience.”

Adaptive authentication meets passwordless convenience to deliver unbeatable protection for today’s security challenges.