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OneLogin Single Sign-On & User Provisioning for Salsify


OneLogin Plan for Salsify Single Sign-On

OneLogin makes it easy to secure and control access to Salsify’s cloud-based product content management platform. With OneLogin’s best-in-class Active Directory Connector and administrator portal, IT can quickly create and enforce security policies, while Salsify end-users will enjoy OneLogin single sign-on (SSO) from multiple devices and the ease of one-click multi-factor authentication. OneLogin takes just minutes to set up and makes end user management more efficient from day one.

Salsify’s product content management platform is used by the world’s biggest brands and retailers, including Mondelez, Bosch, Coca Cola, Rawlings, and GSK to centralize, optimize, and syndicate impactful product content that stands out on the digital shelf.

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OneLogin integrates seamlessly with Salsify and provides the following features:


OneLogin’s SSO functionality signs users into Salsify via SAML 2.0, eliminating user-managed passwords and the risk of phishing.


OneLogin’s zero-config Active Directory or LDAP Connectors can be installed in minutes with no server restarts or firewall changes. OneLogin fully supports users synced from various company directories, or can be used as a standalone cloud directory.


Automatically create, activate, update, and deprovision users in Salsify based on real-time changes to security groups and user attributes in your corporate directory, or OneLogin’s Cloud Directory.


Add an extra layer of protection with OneLogin’s free OTP smartphone app or leverage any of the pre-integrated third-party solution from RSA, Google Authenticator, Duo Security, Symantec or Yubico.


Enable one-click access to Salsify and all other corporate applications on smartphones and tablets with OneLogin Mobile.


  • OneLogin Compliance Commitment
  • U.S.-EU Safe Harbor certification
  • ISO 27001:2013