Federated Cloud Search

Historically, Enterprise Search products have done a solid job of ingesting content from on-premise data repositories, while Google and Bing are well suited for searching the public internet. However, searching across siloed cloud applications in real-time represents a different kind of challenge for which there has been no solution — until now.

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Innately Secure

Security is always a big issue with federated search, but Cloud Search is innately tied to an enterprise’s existing security model so employees only have access to authorized applications and content.

Increase Productivity

Cloud Search breaks down SaaS data silos and increases productivity. The deep linking technology of single sign-on provides employees with actionable insights into products, projects and customer issues.

Lightning Fast

Cloud Search operates with a sub-second response time and no indexing is required. Instantly search across multiple cloud applications like Box, Google Apps, Salesforce, Yammer and Zendesk.

Cloud Search Network

We’re in the process of enabling dozens of additional applications with Cloud Search. SaaS vendors interested in joining OneLogin’s Cloud Search Network should inquire here.

Downloading data from dozens of cloud applications into a search appliance every couple of weeks would have been a cumbersome operation, plus the data isn’t indexed in real-time. Cloud Search along with OneLogin’s elegant user interface ensures that Pandora’s high capacity workforce is leveraging our cloud application portfolio to its full potential.”

Richard Rothschild VP of Enterprise Information Services