Identity Management
in the Cloud

OneLogin provides the fastest path to identity management in the cloud with an on-demand solution consisting of single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, directory integration, user provisioning and a catalog with thousands of pre-integrated applications.

OneLogin for Office 365
Cut out complexity and costs.
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Single Sign-On

Signing into applications has never been easier. One-click access to all your web apps, in the browser or on mobile.
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User Provisioning

OneLogin automatically creates, updates and deletes users in your applications.
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Directory Integration

Centralize access control by connecting your Active Directory or LDAP servers with OneLogin. No firewall changes required.
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Strong Authentication

Enforce strong authentication policies using PKI certificates, OneLogin’s free Mobile OTP or third-party authentication vendors.
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OneLogin Mobile makes your web apps accessible on the go. Sign in with one click and update leads, run reports and manage expenses.
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Password Vaulting

Secure form-based authentication and password sharing that integrates with any site in just minutes.
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Reporting and Analytics

Analyze users, applications and login activity via our standard reports or build your own in seconds.
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Why Use OneLogin?

Enterprise Strength

OneLogin is trusted by public companies because of our multiple data centers with redundant DNS, app servers and database servers, third-party SOC 2 Type I and security audits combined with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Live in Minutes

The integration work we’ve done up front means you can set up OneLogin faster and realize the benefits right away. Enjoy all the advantages of a cloud-based solution with a subscription model that comes complete with implementation and support.

Users Love OneLogin

IT administrators and end-users both love OneLogin for the clean and simple interface. IT gains control over web application access in the cloud and behind the firewall and users get one-click access to all their apps at the office and on the go.

No fees, no funny stuff

OneLogin is committed to making every implementation a success. We won’t nickel and dime you and there are no hidden costs beyond the subscription license. OneLogin’s level of support depends on your subscription plan and is easy to understand.

Support Overview

Thousands of Apps

You can browse OneLogin’s catalog of over 2000 apps and find a solution that fits your need.”

Mike D. Kail VP of IT Operations, Netflix