Identity & Integration: The Key Ingredients to SaaS Success

Do you have this problem?  

You’re an IT person and your company decides to move to the cloud – big time.   You now have to give your end users access to social apps, analytics, enterprise applications, and so on.  Plus, you still have all the application in house!  I can tell you are getting dizzy just thinking about it.  

I recently attended a session by SnapLogic and OneLogin that talks about this very issue.  I don’t want to do a spoiler alert so I will be brief.  IT wants simplicity and ease of implementation.  So, how do you achieve this?  SnapLogic offers an integration platform that combines all the necessary ingredients – application, process, data – to perform any integration requirements.  What about security and user management in this “new” environment?  OneLogin comes pre-integrated with SnapLogic, which eliminates user managed passwords and the risk of phishing.  Learn how you can employ single sign-on and enforce multi-factor authentication today!