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SAML Module for Drupal

OneLogin has completed its SAML integration with the Big Three in Content Management Software. Earlier this year we published plugins for WordPress and Joomla, and with today’s release of our SAML Module for Drupal, we’re able to provide single sign-on the vast majority of CMS’s in the market.

The ability to easily provide employees and contractors access to your blog or CMS can save valuable time, drive usage and also give you better control of who has access. For example, you can use OneLogin’s Active Directory Connector to let users sign in with their existing network credentials and enforce strong authentication using one of several options, such as Yubico or Symantec VIP Access.

The Drupal module is compatible with Drupal 7 and can be downloaded from our support forums.

SAML Toolkit for Python

OneLogin has just released a Python version of its increasing popular open-source SAML toolkit, which now brings the number of languages supported to a total of five: C#, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby.

The toolkit is very straightforward to use and can be embedded in your application in matter of hours. In addition to being completely free, the toolkit approach has another significant advantage over licensing a commercial, stand-alone SAML gateway. By embedding the SAML toolkit in your code, it will automatically inherit your own application’s high-availability and scalability characteristics and you don’t have to worry about dealing with a separate application or server.

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RADIUS and LDAP Server Interfaces

Our new LDAP or RADIUS interfaces allow LDAP and RADIUS clients to authenticate users against OneLogin with minimal configuration.

Many applications that don’t yet support SAML have to ability to delegate authentication to an LDAP server. But instead of punching multiple holes in your firewall to your internal directory – if you even have one – you can now point that interface to OneLogin instead, which allows users to sign into those applications with their OneLogin credentials.

The same goes for VPN gateways from vendors like Cisco and Juniper, which can authenticate users against a RADIUS server. Instead of deploying your own RADIUS server, you can now point the gateway to OneLogin’s RADIUS server interface which you can set up in a matter of minutes. Authenticate users via password of strong authentication factor, such as Yubikey or Symantec VIP Access.