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The hottest (and busiest) summer I ever spent was summer at OneLogin

With all due respect to Mark Twain, it’s been a hot, busy and exciting summer at OneLogin. Our company growth is accelerating, and along with that comes a bigger customer base. And we appreciate all of your input regarding our OneLogin “Identity as a Service” feature prioritization and roadmap.

And while Summer may be drawing to a close, the OneLogin team has been burning the midnight oil to bring you more features that increase enterprise compliance and help you attain meaningful IT cost reductions. I’ve put together a list below (I know it’s a long list, but I told you we’ve been really busy) of the new features and enhancements that OneLogin has deployed in recent weeks. My thanks for all of your suggestions and recommendations.

Feel free to contact me about our new features, and I look forward to your feedback and input for future OneLogin functionality.

  • Enhanced App Configuration Pages
    • OneLogin has updated and revised our Add Application and Application Configuration pages. Adding an application is now a more straightforward process, while configuring added applications is now done through a more efficient system that integrates entitlements and provisioning attributes.
    • You’ll also notice the number of tabs has increased along the top line. Application configuration options now include Info, Configuration, Parameters, Rules, Single Sign-On, Access Control, Provisioning, and Users. Some of these are familiar and haven’t changed from the previous configuration options, while others have been added to allow for further granular control over application settings. Click here to learn more about these changes.
  • Syncing of Additional Manager and Organizational Fields from Active Directory
    • OneLogin now supports syncing of Manager, Title, Department, and Company fields by default from Active Directory. If you’d like to learn more about these organizational fields and how to use them, please click here for more details. Note, that this feature requires a version of the Active Directory Connector (ADC) that is not generally available yet. Please contact us if you’d like to use this feature.
  • New Condition for Notifications: Events
    • We’ve added a new condition to Notifications called “Events”. When a condition is met that matches the Event type, you’ll be able to trigger a custom notification related to that Event. We’ll be adding more Event types in the future, but are starting with the “User Invited” event. Click here to learn more.
  • Security Questions as an Authentication Factor and for Password Resets
    • In addition to email and SMS, users can now reset their OneLogin password by answering Security Questions. Additionally, users can use their Security Questions as a second factor when authenticating. This feature can be enabled on a User Policy. Click here to learn more about Security Questions and how to configure them.
  • Managing Shared App Credentials
    • We’ve introduced a new privilege that enables users to manage the shared credentials of specific applications. Click here to learn more about this new privilege.
  • Jive Provisioning
    • We now support user provisioning into Jive.
  • Additional Languages
    • The End-User portal is now localized into the following additional languages: Hungarian, Polish, Vietnamese, Russian, Hindi, Turkish, Marathi, and Malay.
  • Failed Deprovisioning Tasks
    • When viewing your Provisioning activity, failed deprovisioning tasks can now be re-triggered.
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The hottest (and busiest) summer I ever spent was summer at OneLogin

With all due respect to Mark Twain, it’s been a hot, busy and exciting summer at OneLogin. Our company growth [...]

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