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Fall Feature Harvest Begins at OneLogin


The days may be getting shorter, but our bushel of new product features continues to grow. Here are my picks from our September deployments:

At the top of my list is our new Home Page App Search. On your OneLogin Home Page, you’ll now see a search icon that allows you to find and launch apps that have been added to your account. This feature will also find and launch apps across tabs, which will be extremely useful for users who use lots of apps or have their apps organized across many different tabs.

Next, we have introduced Password Reset for Unlocking Users. Previously, when a user locked themselves out of their OneLogin account by entering their password incorrectly multiple times, they would have to reach out to an Admin on their account to unlock them. Now, the user can unlock themselves using self-service password reset. This feature will only be enabled for users that are on a Security Policy that has the “Resetting password unlocks user account” feature enabled.

The ServiceNow app now supports basic ServiceNow Provisioning. Provisioning of Manager/Organizational fields and Custom Fields will be supported in a future release.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is no longer a ‘nice to have’ in today’s always-connected-from-anywhere world. The press is full of stories of hacked enterprises who said, after the fact, ‘if only we had required two-factor authentication, this breach would never have happened.” We are happy to announce that PINsafe from Swivel Secure is now integrated and available for use with OneLogin. You need to have an account with Swivel Secure to add this authentication factor to your OneLogin account.

More details about all the September new product features are available in our Release Notes.

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Fall Feature Harvest Begins at OneLogin

The days may be getting shorter, but our bushel of new product features continues to grow. Here are my picks [...]

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