How to Automate User Provisioning

Alleviate the Headaches of Cloud App Provisioning

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About This Webinar

Cloud app adoption continues to grow within the enterprise, delivering greater functionality to users, increasing their productivity, and driving down costs. However, cloud services are only as good as the provisioning practices supporting them. If IT has no centralized way to grant and revoke employee access to hundreds of cloud applications, managing users can be labor intensive and error-prone.

By automating user onboarding and offboarding processes, you can streamline access control based on role, department, location, title and other attributes, reduce IT involvement, and accelerate time to productivity.

Join Chip Epps and Rob Capozzi from OneLogin for actionable insights to automating cloud application and user provisioning.

  • Increase workforce productivity by removing manual user updates
  • Enhance security by preventing unauthorized access to enterprise data from former employees
Chip Epps

Chip Epps

Director, Product Marketing

Rob Capozzi

Rob Capozzi

Sales Engineer

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