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Dialing up Your Privileged User Strategy leveraging Single Sign On

The list of assets privileged users need to access is ever-expanding in today’s hybrid organizations - infrastructure, internal applications and systems, cloud SaaS apps. These super users are often the main targets for spear-phishing attacks and man-in-the middle hacks, so consolidating and making that access more secure by eliminating passwords and exposed credentials is a critical best practice.

Alongside privileged admins, a company’s workforce also needs to strike a balance between productivity and security. If IT can’t manage across all user groups, it doesn’t take long before employees start circumventing IT control and Shadow IT and side channels proliferate, multiplying an organization’s cyber risk exponentially.

Join our cloud security experts Dave Shackleford CEO and Principal Consultant at Voodoo Security, Shaun Pressley Sr SE at BeyondTrust and Ben Sherman Sr SE at OneLogin in this webinar to learn how to build a unified security strategy across all identities. We’ll explore:

  • Privileged access management (PAM), and evaluating your risk potential
  • Single Sign-On (SSO), and understanding your identity management needs
  • Best practices for securing accounts and sessions for privileged and non privileged users
  • How to identify and remediate suspicious behavior in privileged accounts and sessions

In the world of identity and access management (IAM), integration and alignment of core security controls across privileged and non-privileged users is imperative. Tune in to this webinar to help get on the right track.

Presenters include:

Dave Shackleford

CEO and Principal Consultant

Shaun Pressley

Senior Solutions Engineer

Ben Sherman

Senior Solutions Engineer

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