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3 IAM Considerations When Implementing Google Apps


To populate user identities into Google Apps, Google Apps for Work requires integration into the enterprise identity repository via Google Apps Directory Services (GADS). GADS is used to replicate the existing Active Directory or LDAP compliant user identities, and access permissions to the Google Apps domain. IT organizations attempting to secure Google Apps with GADS are often challenged by its limited scalability, delayed on and off-boarding, and lack of desktop Single Sign-On (SSO).

Table of Contents


Limited Enterprise Scalability

Directory Synchronization is Network Intensive and Not Real-Time

Desktop Single Sign On Requirements for Windows Environments?

OneLogin is an Enterprise Identity Management Solution for Google Apps for Work

OneLogin Handles Complex Directory Structures

OneLogin Delivers Instant Off-Boarding

OneLogin Delivers Desktop Single Sign On


The limitations of Google Apps Directory Services (GADS) when deployed in an enterprise environment are clear.

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