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Beyond the Firewall

IT and security teams today are inundated by the constant barrage of security threats both from within the network as well as the outside. Long gone are the days of assuming safety behind the firewall. Equally challenging is the ever-growing list of cybersecurity solutions that promise to be the silver bullet to all our security woes. At the end of the day, protecting data should be the number one priority of any strong cybersecurity strategy. 

In this panel, hear from experts from the security field as they break down:

  • The current challenges of data protection 
  • Why the traditional “castle” approach to security is no longer enough
  • Top tips for protecting the data that drives your business


Vanessa Pegueros
Chief Trust and Security Officer

Bob Dickinson
Chief Technology Officer

Niamh Muldoon
Global Data Protection Officer & EMEA Trust Security Leader

Lonnie Benavides
Head of Infrastructure and Application Security

Alexa Slinger
Senior Product Marketing Manager