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The OneLogin Work From Home Coloring Book: Punny Ways to Stay Happy and Healthy While WFH

Color through the quarantine! Download this ebook filled with punny ways to keep you and your kids occupied with fun tips on staying healthy.

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Being in quarantine is hard. And if you are trying to work from home with kids, staying inside can be even harder. To help your kids (and you) keep busy and have a bit of fun, we have developed the OneLogin WFH Coloring Book filled with punny ways to keep you and your kids occupied. We released it to our own kids with great success! Not only does each page have a punny way to stay healthy during COVID-19, but all of the letters in the images eventually spell OneLogin!

In this coloring book, you will get:

  • 9 pages of illustrations to show off you and your kids' coloring skills
  • Fun-filled tips on how to stay healthy and happy during the coronavirus self-isolation
  • An hour of quality time with your kids