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The (Still) Social Distancing Cookbook

Read this cookbook to get 15 new recipes with a cloud identity security twist to inspire your at-home cooking during the COVID-19 quarantine.

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As we navigate through our new definition of normal during the 2020 pandemic, we can always count on one comforting thing despite all the uncertainties–a family meal. We gather with our loved ones over delicious home cooking to share our thoughts and concerns about the COVID-19 lockdown. With OneLogin’s The (Still) Social Distancing Cookbook, we’ll show you how to make simple and appetizing security themed recipes for different moods and occasions. Enjoy a Sunday brunch at home, jump on the quarantine bread-making train with a classic focaccia bread or relax with an evening cocktail after a long day of working from home.

In this cookbook, you will get:

  • Fifteen tasty recipes ranging from Password P3$T0 to Machine Learning Mojito Infused Rum.
  • Alternate ingredients for each recipe so you can customize to your family's unique likes and dislikes.

Bon Appétit! After you make your customized meal, snap a photo, post it on Twitter or Instagram and tag @onelogin with the hashtag #onelogineats.