Yubico for Cloud Apps

How it Works

Your OneLogin account can be configured to require two-factor authentication for everyone or just select users. And users can register their own credentials during the login process, which makes large scale deployments a breeze. When a user has successfully been authenticated with a username and password, a one-time password is generated by a light press of the button on the YubiKey – the one-time password is automatically entered and the user logged-in.

Why YubiKey?

The main advantage of the YubiKey as a second authentication method is its ease-of-use. You don’t have to start an application and manually type in a one-time password. Just press the YubiKey and it happens automatically. The YubiKey can be carried on your key ring, is very sturdy and even goes in the washer. Read more about Yubico here.

“The ease of use of OneLogin and the YubiKey make them the perfect match. Customers benefit from a highly secure single sign-on solution to thousands of web applications without compromising usability.”

Stina Ehrensvärd
CEO & Founder,
Yubico Inc.

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