How it Works

Your OneLogin account can be configured to require two-factor authentication from VASCO. VASCO’s two-factor authentication technology replaces insecure static passwords with strong, dynamic one-time passwords that cannot be reused. The addition of two-factor authentication increases access security without compromising the user convenience provided by OneLogin.

Two Versions

DIGIPASS as a Service

With VASCO’s cloud-based authentication service, DIGIPASS as a Service, access to OneLogin can be done securely by eliminating static passwords and introducing multi-factor authentication. Learn more about VASCO’s DIGIPASS as a Service here.


OneLogin’s customers that prefer an on-premise authentication solution may choose IDENTIKEY, which is an off-the-shelf centralized authentication server that supports the deployment, use and administration of DIGIPASS strong user authentication.

“When a company’s sensitive data is located in the cloud, it is no longer protected by the company’s firewall – anyone with Internet access can attempt to log in. VASCO and OneLogin have collaborated to protect customers that are working in the cloud by integrating OneLogin’s single sign-on portal with VASCO’s DIGIPASS as a Service and IDENTIKEY offerings.”

Jan Valcke
COO and President,
VASCO Data Security

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