Protect Cloud Apps with Duo Security

Why Duo Security and OneLogin?

Duo Security protects everything that matters, and increasingly this includes cloud applications that are managed through single sign-on platforms like OneLogin. With built-in support for Duo, OneLogin makes it easy for IT administrators to manage a single two-factor authentication system for all resources, on-premises and in the cloud.

Certified Integration

Once you have activated your OneLogin admin account, you will be able to integrate Duo Security with a few clicks. End-users will self-register their two-factor authentication device – usually their phone – freeing up your time to work on more pressing IT projects.

“Using two-factor authentication to protect access to your company’s assets is a no-brainer. Duo Security’s cloud-based, two-factor authentication service delivers the fastest time-to-security for thousands of organizations. Now, even more cloud apps can be efficiently protected with the Duo and OneLogin integration.”

Brian Kelly
Principal Product Marketing Manager,
Duo Security

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