Centrally Manage and Secure all SaaS applications, Users, and Data both On-Premises and in the Cloud

Why CloudLock and OneLogin?

The integration of CloudLock's cybersecurity platform with OneLogin's Identity and Access Management capabilities delivers a comprehensive security solution with unique capabilities. The unified solution empowers enterprises to better manage all identities that touch corporate data and protect against threats and cloud malware across users, accounts, and applications in real-time.

Certified Integration

Together, CloudLock and OneLogin aggregate and correlate data indicative of suspicious behavior to identify risk that may otherwise go undetected. Additionally, CloudLock and OneLogin automate security policy management to govern cloud application enablement based on permissions granted to the application app's access scopes and revoke risky apps in OneLogin in bulk across the entire user base.

In addition to the full integration, CloudLock can be accessed through OneLogin's IDaaS solution via SAML integration, enabling security professionals to easily manage user access through the OneLogin Admin Console.

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