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Privacy Policy
Name of Entity Entity Type/Service Provided Location
Adobe Document signing North America: US, Canada
EU: Germany, Romania, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Asia: India Credit card payment processor US
Amazon Web Services, Inc Data center hosting US Instance: US
EU Instance: Germany / Ireland
Domo Business Intelligence US
DynDNS, an Oracle America, Inc. company DNS managed services Varies by end user location: US, Japan, Singapore, Australia, India, China, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, England, Brazil
Google Analytics EU Instances: Ireland, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium
Asian Instances: Taiwan, Singapore
Americas Instances: US
Google Web applications (email, storage, documents, spreadsheets) EU Instances: Ireland, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium
Asian Instances: Taiwan, Singapore
Americas Instances: US
Marketo Mass email communications US
Mixpanel Analytics US
NetSuite, an Oracle America, Inc. company Invoicing platform US Sales / Marketing US
SendGrid, Inc. Transactional emails US
ServiceNow, Inc. Help desk platform US
SFDC Customer relationship management (CRM) product EU locations: UK, Germany, France
Americas Instances: US and Canada
Pacific-Asian Instances: Japan, US, and Australia
Sumo Logic, Inc. Log storage and analytics platform US Instance: US
EU Instance: Ireland
Zendesk Help desk platform US, Ireland, Australia, the UK, Philippines, Singapore, Brazil, Japan and France

Above is a list of sub-processors currently authorized by OneLogin, Inc. to process customer data as described above and in the Privacy Policy. The policies outlined on this page do not provide any additional rights or remedies and should not be construed as a binding agreement. This information is provided for informational purposes only.

OneLogin employs a selection process by which it evaluates, among other aspects, the security and privacy policies of proposed sub-processors. Further, OneLogin requires its sub-processors to satisfy certain requirements set forth in data processing agreements (DPA). Updates to OneLogin’s list of sub-processors will be posted to this page in a timely manner. In addition, current OneLogin customers can subscribe to receive email notification of updates by submitting a valid email address at the top of this page.

A customer with a DPA in place with OneLogin may object to OneLogin’s use of a new sub-processor by notifying OneLogin of the objection and reasoning in an email to within 30 days of the list being updated, as described above. If no objection is received within the aforementioned time period, the new sub-processor(s) will be deemed accepted.