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CloudBees Provides its Engineering Team with Secure One-Click Access to AWS

Prior to OneLogin, CloudBees engineers shared a common username and password to access the organization’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. In order to establish unique login credentials for members of its engineering team, CloudBees deployed OneLogin’s single sign-on and identity management solution. Engineers now access AWS, and all other enterprise web applications, through their individual OneLogin Portal. While employees gain secure and convenient application access, CloudBees’ IT department benefits from centralized user management.

Adoption Drivers

The adoption drivers for OneLogin were twofold:

  1. Increase the security measures surrounding access to the organization’s cloud computing platform
  2. Provide IT with an agile and centralized user management solution.

    With OneLogin, there’s no need to change the AWS login when one employee leaves or a contractor’s project ends. Instead, IT disables OneLogin for that particular user, immediately blocking that person’s access. CloudBees also wanted to offer single sign-on for users of its Platform as a Service (PaaS). CloudBees is part of OneLogin’s catalog of over 2,200 pre-integrated apps – customers can therefore add CloudBees to their OneLogin Portal in just one click.

Why OneLogin?

For CloudBees, OneLogin’s excellent customer service influenced their decision to adopt the solution. The team’s fast response and willingness to create custom connectors for applications used by CloudBees engineering team demonstrated OneLogin’s commitment to customer care. Usability was also a key factor. Considering that certain employees utilize over 15 web applications daily, ease of use tipped the scale in OneLogin’s favor. Instead of remembering numerous usernames, passwords, and destination URLs, all web applications are securely accessed through the user’s Portal. OneLogin’s support for OPENID provides enhanced user authentication for employees who want additional security. Finally, OneLogin enables centralized user management for the CloudBees IT department. Access can be quickly disabled, empowering IT to protect sensitive and proprietary data hosted online.

About CloudBees

CloudBees is the only Java Cloud company focused on servicing the complete lifecycle of cloud application development and deployment – without any servers, any virtual machines or any IT staff. Founded in 2010 by former JBoss CTO Sacha Labourey and an elite technology team, CloudBees is backed by Matrix Partners.

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