AdTech Company Uses Workday Directory Integration to Improve Security

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This company’s programmatic advertising software enables brands and agencies to plan, buy, measure and optimize their global advertising. Rapid growth from 70 to more than 700 employees made user identity management a challenge for the company.

"OneLogin has been incredibly helpful in helping us automate our onboarding process."



The company relied on as many as 30 unrelated SaaS applications to support its expansion, and each app had its own identity management. Active Directory (AD) was adopted as the “record of truth” for user information, but user access security and consistency for the different apps were headaches.

The IT Director explains, “We first realized that we had a problem in scale when we were looking at how quickly we need to respond to provisioning new users. Creating users, onboarding and o boarding was a big challenge for us. It made provisioning very difficult, very time-consuming, and very complicated from a security perspective.”

Key among the SaaS applications in use is Workday HCM for human resource and financial management. While it made sense to create users within Workday first, there was a shortcoming. The Workday application did not offer a systematic way for them to create a unique email address based on the user information. Moreover, while the company wanted to use the data from Workday, it also wanted AD to remain the directory system of record.

The IT director adds, “We needed a system that was standards compliant that would apply to a wide range of tools and that was also easy to use, easy and quick to deploy. We needed a tool that could scale with the high rate of growth that we had in our company and at the rate users were adding new tools. We also wanted a tool that had a proven track record with all the SaaS apps that we currently used.”


“When we took stock of what we were currently using and what we planned to use in the future, OneLogin was a great fit,” says the IT director. “The thing that really sold us on OneLogin was that within 30 minutes the person running the demo was able to connect Salesforce and show us immediately the value of the product. We had an app provisioned, and we were single-signing into it immediately.”

Workday bidirectional integration
OneLogin engineers also put a two-way integration in place with Workday to meet the company’s specific needs. Although OneLogin already extended single sign-on (SSO) to Workday, the bidirectional integration allows the company to keep its HR system and its directory system of record separate.

Users are created in Workday without an email address, and the data flows via OneLogin to the company’s internal administration system. This system then automatically creates the user email address and enters it into AD as part of the overall user data record. The email address is then sent back to Workday to keep all the systems synchronized.

The IT director points out that OneLogin meets another huge need as well. “As we scale as a company, we have immense pressure to manage the growth of our IT department. In other words, we want our IT team members doing higher level work, not manually setting up accounts. OneLogin helps us automate that so it’s a consistent process and it frees up our team members for more important tasks.”


The company sees benefits from OneLogin in four major areas, according to the IT director:

  • Efficient scaling of provisioning: “Being able to think of user lifecycle provisioning as one system versus a collection of subsystems has been great in terms of being able to scale while keeping a sense of consistency across what we do.”
  • Streamlined management: “We’re using OneLogin exactly as you intended it and exactly as you market it. This basically enabled our IT team to greatly streamline how we roll out and secure cloud applications, and provision applications for di erent teams in our company. It allows us to centrally manage it all from one place.”
  • Popularity with users: As the SSO portal becomes more popular throughout the organization for ease of use and support from IT, “OneLogin has almost become a verb in the company in terms of how people access apps. We have end users coming to us saying, ‘Hey, can we add this app via OneLogin?’”
  • Partnership: “We view OneLogin as a partner within the IT organization. When we look at new SaaS applications, the first thing we do is check OneLogin’s list of supported applications and see if they’re available. SAML support is especially welcomed. We’ll sometimes even reach out and say, ‘Hey, we have this new application, can you support it?’ That’s the kind of partnership that we look for in a vendor.”

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