TRUSTe Certified Privacy

TRUSTe online privacy certification

The TRUSTe Certified Privacy seal is a signal to consumers that a website is safeguarding your personal information and values your online privacy. Read the privacy policy of any website you visit, including OneLogin. If you see a TRUSTe seal on that policy, you can be confident that website is transparent about its privacy practices and respects your online privacy. And if you have a privacy concern with any site that displays that privacy seal, TRUSTe will help you resolve them promptly.

What’s the primary purpose of this initiative?

The TRUSTe Certified Privacy program helps OneLogin validate the appropriateness and completeness of our privacy policy and practices.

What’s the scope?

OneLogin’s Privacy Program, including privacy practices, including data collected, how it’s use it, how it is shared, use of trackers, privacy disclosures, opt-outs, and policies and procedures.

How often are you evaluated/audited?

Annually or when significant changes to the privacy policies and practices occur.

Who performs the evaluation/audit?


Who is the primary audience?

Customers and relevant third parties with a business need.

Where can I get a copy of the report/certificate?

Our certification status is accessible by clicking the TRUSTe logo from the OneLogin website.

Are you a Security Researcher?

We are always looking for talented individuals with security experience.

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