What Knowledge16 attendees told us about how OneLogin streamlines their ServiceNow workflows

May 26th, 2016   |     |  company news, product and technology, security & compliance

Last week, the OneLogin team traveled to Las Vegas as a returning sponsor of ServiceNow’s annual user conference (Knowledge). Knowledge16, which marked the 10-year anniversary of the conference, delivered another great forum to discuss how Identity-as-a-Service is transforming how people work.

We at OneLogin were glad to be a part of Knowledge16, and we’d like to thank everyone who visited us at booth 1223. “ServiceNow is such a strong, complementary partner for OneLogin, as we both fundamentally transform how our clients do their work and manage their operations”, said OneLogin Regional Sales Manager Bob Hardin. “Knowledge16 was one of our best events together.”

Security, Automation, and Source of Truth

One of the most prominent themes of the conference was, of course, security. As enterprises increasingly shift their applications and operations to the cloud, they are understandably demanding higher levels of security. And enterprises increasingly realize that every business is a software business — no matter what their industry — they are looking for ways to ensure that the service management system that underpins their software projects requires minimal effort to maintain.

We had a great time hearing from attendees about how identity management solutions can unlock new potential in the workplace, especially when integrated with orchestration systems. One example is OneLogin’s integration with ServiceNow, which streamlines identity workflow to reduce a lot of manual work.

Many of the attendees we spoke to were interested in how OneLogin could automate processes around user on-boarding, cross-boarding and off-boarding by extending orchestration capabilities to their downstream cloud and on-premise applications. And we spent a lot of time showing how, regardless of what your provisioning environment looks like, ServiceNow and OneLogin ensure that your source of truth is implemented across all of your applications — regardless of whether that source of truth is ServiceNow, Active Directory, or an HR application such as Workday or UltiPro.

Below are three examples that we covered almost continually in our booth:

Example 1: ServiceNow Orchestration Workflow

For some organizations, ServiceNow is the single source of truth for orchestration. In this scenario:

  1. ServiceNow automatically sends orchestration information to your company’s Active Directory.
  2. OneLogin’s provisioning engine receives that information.
  3. OneLogin uses that information to distribute access and permissions across your business’ entire app portfolio, both SaaS applications like Office 365, and on-premise apps that are provisioned via SCIM.

Example 2: HR-Driven Identity Workflow

The same applies to when organizations use an HR app like Workday or UltiPro as their single source of truth.

  1. The HR app (UltiPro or Workday) communicates the orchestration information to OneLogin, and
  2. OneLogin passes that information to Active Directory.
  3. OneLogin also sends these provisioning requests to ServiceNow to be applied across the entire app portfolio.

Example 3: AD-Driven Identity Workflow

OneLogin and ServiceNow can even accommodate Active Directory (AD) as a single source of truth.

In this scenario, when changes are made in the AD, that information is automatically sent to OneLogin. Provisioning requests are then sent to ServiceNow, and applied across all apps.

In summary, no matter what the provisioning workflow looks like, OneLogin and ServiceNow are able to accommodate it. Even better, OneLogin also allows IT to apply security measures such as single sign-on and custom multi-factor authentication across the entire app catalog.

If you’re planning an Identity Management strategy that involves ServiceNow, we’d love to talk. Click here to get started.

Hope to see you at Knowledge17 on May 7-12 2017 in Orlando Florida. Until then!

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