How to Stop Wasting Time and Money on Password Resets

May 31st, 2018   |     |  product & technology

I can always tell when my dad has forgotten one of his passwords. He’ll be glaring down at his laptop, let out a deep frustrated sigh, and without fail, mumble one of his classic phrases, “We live in a world of damn passwords,” before starting his password reset.

This is an all-too-common frustration that many employees face, and it’s even more frustrating when you have to submit a helpdesk ticket and wait for IT to help you. But did you know that forgotten passwords not only raise your blood pressure, but can actually cost your company many thousands of dollars annually?

According to Forrester’s TEI Report for OneLogin, a typical organization may submit over 4,000 reset tickets each year, at a cost of $25 per ticket. That’s over $100,000 lost each year just for “damn password” resets.

The beauty of single sign-on is that you only have one password to remember for access to all of your apps. But we’re still only human. I still find myself forgetting my password every now and then - especially if it’s Monday and I’ve just changed my password last Friday.

This is why we’ve made it our mission to make the password reset process as quick and easy as possible with OneLogin Protect. Users can reset their passwords in under a minute, which means more productivity for users, and IT isn’t drowning in password reset tickets.

You can learn how to set up OneLogin protect in this comprehensive article. But here is an abridged version that breaks down the user experience.

To start off, open your browser and go to your OneLogin sign-in screen. Select the “Forgot Password” option.

Next, enter your OneLogin email address.

You should see something like this. Now, check your mobile device.

You will be prompted with this notification. Go ahead and tap it…

…And accept the notification.

Back in your browser, enter your new password.

You’ll need to re-enter your OneLogin email address as well.

Now just enter your new OneLogin password…

And you’re in! You’ve just reset your own password in under a minute without any help required from your IT!

Whether you are in IT or an end user, I hope that this functionality helps make your life easier. To get your personalized demo of OneLogin single sign-on or multi-factor authentication, click here!

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