Giving Back: Connecting Nonprofits with Technology to Accomplish their Missions

The last 18 months have represented an unprecedented challenge for almost every industry on earth, but this was particularly keenly felt across certain sectors. One such sector that found this transition into a largely remote world particularly challenging was the Nonprofit sector.

It is unsurprising this sector found things so difficult, considering physical event fundraising was a major source of pre-Pandemic revenue. A recent study by the Nonprofit Finance Fund made the shocking discovery that 60% of Nonprofits encountered trying situations last year, which could “seriously jeopardize their long-term financial viability.”

On the plus side, the change in fundraising from virtual to physical has opened up a world of possibilities in revenue generation, where physical events and the associated complexities are not the only areas where money can be raised.

However, this change has not gone unnoticed by cybercriminals, who have no issue with preying on the unsuspecting donations made to Nonprofits, particularly when these nonprofits have never had to consider securing their websites in the past.

For this reason, OneLogin has provided nonprofit organizations with the following discounts:

  • 50% off of list for workforce identities
  • 50% off of list for PS
  • Free donor identities

Additionally, we can offer nonprofits support with Desktop Pro for certificate-based authentication. This promotes a secure approach to BYOD for nonprofit organizations by allowing IT administrators to more easily monitor and control non-domain joined machines. Another key technical differentiator nonprofits can take advantage of is Delegated Administration – OneLogin’s Delegated Administration tool allows organizations to adopt the principle of least privilege access to enable their Zero Trust framework.

“OneLogin is uniquely positioned to help nonprofit organizations navigate the increasingly complex world of identity and access management. The nonprofit community faces the same challenges as the private sector and our goal is to make the move to a zero-trust framework a simple and cost-effective reality for NGO’s”, Doug Erickson VP, Global Channel and Alliances at OneLogin said of this latest development.

However, what’s important is what our nonprofit customers say:

World Vision 

“As a Non-Profit, it is critical that we balance cost efficiency and security while empowering our IT teams to work smarter. OneLogin is now a key partner in World Vision’s security framework and has helped us achieve our goals by enabling us to provide frictionless authentication to over 30,000 staff members, increase productivity, and strengthen our security posture. We have seen positive impact across the organization—most significantly with the centralization of SSO (Single Sign-On) combined with MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).” 

— Dan Roper, Senior Director, Architecture and Technical Services, World Vision

Susan G. Komen

“OneLogin has played a critical role in helping us close the password security gap with Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Like other Non-Profits, we use a lot of third-party applications so introducing these tools has substantially reduced the number of password reset requests we receive. OneLogin has helped Susan G. Komen upgrade our security structure and increase our IT efficiency. 

— Carlos Soto, Hosted Systems Administrator at Susan G. Komen

Hammer Residences

“When evaluating IAM solutions, it was important to Hammer Residences that we chose a company that not only met our requirements and budget but also was agile and flexible enough to respond when needed. OneLogin met all of these checkboxes and has allowed us to provide greater protection of our data and systems without sacrificing the end-user experience.” 

— Dan Bottiger, Director of Information Systems, Hammer Residences

For more information about how OneLogin can help your organization to deploy nonprofit donations safely, virtually, and securely, see the limited time promotion details.

About the Author

Matt Hurley

Matt Hurley is the Chief Revenue Officer at OneLogin. With multi-faceted experience that spans more than 20 years, Matt has held leadership roles in finance, operations, sales, services, marketing, and channels.

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